INFOGRAPHIC: A guide to registering and licensing vehicles in Hong Kong

INFOGRAPHIC: A guide to registering and licensing vehicles in Hong Kong

So you’ve just got a drivers’ license in Hong Kong and bought a new car. You are more than ready to hit the road and experience Hong Kong’s historic boulevards as a driver for the first time. However, there’s one more thing you need to do before you are able to drive in Asia’s business hub. 

To legally drive in Hong Kong, apart from your drivers’ license, you are also required to get a license for your vehicle. While the registration process is not very complicated, new drivers may still need some time to figure out the details. 

To make things easier for you, our experts at Kwiksure have created this infographic to guide you through the key steps of registering and renewing a vehicle license. 

The infographic is split into three main parts. The first part highlights the process of registering a vehicle. The second part outlines the requirement for getting a vehicle license renewed. The final part shows the vehicle license fees for various types of engine capacities. Let’s briefly go through what they entail. 

Registering a vehicle

There are four simple steps for registering a vehicle, which will put your vehicle into its appropriate class, such as private car or light goods vehicle. 

  • Contact the Transport Department: Fill out the Transport Department’s application form TD 22. You can find the form online at the Transport Department’s website. 
  • Pay first registration tax (if applicable): On the first registration of a motor vehicle, a first registration tax is charged for some vehicles. If this applies, you will have to pay this tax fee before moving on to the next step. 
  • Register on behalf of an individual/company: If registering on behalf of an individual, the individual must be aged 18 or above. If the vehicle is registered in the name of a limited company, the name and address of the company’s registered office, along with a declaration signed by a person nominated by the company, will be required. 
  • Receive registration documents: After registering, the Transport Department will issue a registration mark and vehicle registration document. 

Vehicle licensing in Hong Kong is valid for either 1 year or 4 months. Drivers are required to display a license on the left-hand side of the vehicle’s windscreen at all times while driving on the road. 

Renewal of vehicle license

For legal reasons, renewing your vehicle license is as important as registering for your license for the first time. These are the three steps to renew your vehicle license: 

  • Obtaining a Certificate of Roadworthiness: The certificate is issued after your vehicle goes through an annual vehicle examination, which is required if your vehicle is 6 years or older. You can book your annual vehicle examination on the government website. 
  • Submitting application form TD 558: This is the license renewal application form. Note that you should renew your license within 4 months before expiry. The form can also be downloaded online at the Transport Department’s website. 
  • Submitting renewal application: You can either submit your renewal application in person to the Transport Department at any licensing officers, by mail to Shatin Licensing Office or through the government website

Vehicle license fee 

You can choose to have your vehicle license valid for either 4 months or 1 year. When your license expires, you will have to apply for a vehicle license renewal. The amount you pay for your private vehicle license fee will depend on whether it uses petrol or light diesel, as well as your vehicle’s engine capacity.

For petrol cars, the annual fee can range between HK $3,929 to HK $11,329, while the 4-months fee can range between HK $1,404 to HK $3,994.

For light diesel cars, the annual fee can range between HK $5,389 to HK $12,789, while the 4-months fee can range between HK $1,915 to HK $4,505. 

To learn more about registering and licensing vehicles in Hong Kong, you can view our infographic for more details and clearer illustrations on vehicle license registration and renewing processes. 

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