Travel Insurance

Travel insurance plans are designed as 'umbrella policies' and will offer you coverage for a number of risks.

Depending on the duration of your trip, you should first ensure that the scope of coverage and limits are enough for your needs. Below are some of the main areas of cover:

Travel_Personal Accident   Personal Accident
  Cover serious accidents such as accidental death, loss of limbs or eyesight, and permanent total disablement.
Travel_Medical Expenses   Medical Expenses
  Medical and surgical fees, hospital charges and emergency dental treatment incurred as a result of sickness or injury during the journey, including the additional travel and accommodation expenses.
Travel_Loss of personal items or baggage   Loss of personal items or baggage
  Pay for loss of or damage to baggage and personal belongings.
Travel_Cancellation   Cancellation
  In the event of trip cancellation due to death, serious injury or sickness of the immediate family members of the insured; strike, adverse weather conditions or infectious diseases at the planned destination.
Travel_Personal Liabilit_   Personal Liability
  Reimburse legal liability in respect of accidental bodily injury or property damage to third parties due to negligence.
Travel_Rental Vehicle Excess   Rental Vehicle Excess
  Reimburse for an excess of the vehicle rental agreement.
Travel_24-hour Worldwide Emergency Service   24-hour Worldwide Emergency Service
  Provide all-rounded travel assistance, business concierge and medical assistance.
Travel_Repatriation of mortal remains   Repatriation of mortal remains
  Return of remains or ashes to Hong Kong.

The travel insurance policies that we can provide are available on a per-trip or annual basis. If you purchase a per-trip travel plan there are no limits placed on the length of cover, annual plans, however, while providing cover for as many trips as you make take in a year, will often limit the length of each individual trip. These limits will change depending on the insurance companies, hence please contact one of our expert advisers to discuss which plan would be best for you. Or compare plans and apply online here.

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Coverage and Claim Process

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Get a Claim Form

Travel insurance claim forms can be viewed, downloaded, and printed from here.

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