A HK Driver's Guide to Crossing the HZMB




October 24, 2018 marked the official opening date of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB), the world’s longest sea crossing, after the government had spent nine years and a whopping $20 billion on the project. This 55 km bridge will serve as a mega link enhancing transport connectivity with the Greater Bay Area.

However, this cross-border route is mainly operated by private shuttle buses. Private car drivers in Hong Kong, regardless of their destinations, will have to go through some rather intricate formalities if they have to use the bridge. To that end, our experts at Kwiksure have curated this downloadable and printable infographic to illustrate how to cross the bridge in a more easy-to-digest and concise manner.

Different schemes for driving to Macao and Zhuhai

This section is subdivided into two parts, depending on whether you are going to Macao or Zhuhai. Basically, there are two options for going to Macao via HZMB, namely the Park-and-Ride Scheme and the Quota Scheme. As for Zhuhai, you will have to obtain a special permit to visit Zhuhai via the bridge.

Our infographic serves as a valuable tool that guides you through how to go through the relevant procedures in a step-by-step and digestible manner, and also lists the insurance requirements. Equipped with this list, you will be able to make sure that you are doing things in the right manner and order.

Cover limits of the three jurisdictions

In this part, we list out the requirements of coverage limits in the three places so that you can ascertain your insurance cover limit is adequate enough to protect you in the event of a car accident.

One special point to note is that, even if you are only driving from Hong Kong to Macao, you will have to acquire a valid Mainland China motor insurance policy since the main bridge is situated in Mainland waters.

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More guides and useful information

In a nutshell, supplemented with detailed and clearly written resources, this infographic serves as a useful tool that showcases all the essential steps Hong Kong private car drivers should undertake before crossing the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB). Go ahead and download the infographic HERE.

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