What doesn’t car insurance cover in Hong Kong?

a hand holds up a blue convertible toy car symbolizing the needs to take a closer look at your car insurance cover for exclusions

The thing with any insurance policy is that it’s often not what’s covered that can be an issue, it’s not knowing what’s excluded…

Parking spaces and your motor insurance

Parking Spaces

Hong Kong can certainly be a city where people’s lives vary an extreme amount. Say what you will about the inequality present in the city, but the point is that living in this city can be highly affordable for some, and ridiculously expensive…

Insurance agents vs insurance brokers: What's the right choice for you?

Insurance Agent

Insurance is complicated. If you agree with this statement, then you’ve most likely gone through some facet of the process of purchasing or using an insurance policy. Perhaps you have tried to hunt down the ideal…

5 tips for finding motor insurance online

finding motor insurance online

Nowadays, finding rates online is free, relatively easy, and can save you a lot of time. From identifying the best hotel and flight deals to searching for the best motor insurance online, quote websites, like

Kwiksure launches new Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy Update

There is a good chance that over the past few weeks and even months you have received more than one email regarding the update or introduction…

How to find the best motor insurance provider in Hong Kong

two identical cars sit in front of a yellow garage - one is completely totaled, symbolizing the need to find the best motor insurance provider to save yourself from disaster

It’s not hard to find car insurance when you want it. The market has so many local and…

How to lock in the lowest car insurance rates

lowest car insurance rates article

Let’s face it: we all want to save money. Just by doing a few quick searches for car insurance online, however, and you’ll see that prices can vary significantly…

Car insurance for foreigners and other things to know as an expat in Hong Kong

black and white photo of a non-Hong Kong man sitting in the front seat of a vehicle looking back to the camera, symbolizing the importance of car insurance for foreigners in HK

Hong Kong is not a big city. You can get around the whole place in less than one day,…

7 common causes of car damage and how to avoid them

Causes of car damage and how to avoid them

Cars are sensitive machines that rely on many interconnected parts to function properly. Damage or complete destruction to any of these parts can be detrimental to your vehicle, as well as send repair bills into the stratosphere. No matter how “bullet proof”…

5 tips to remember when it’s time to renew your car insurance

Shopping for motor insurance can be a tedious, borderline annoying process. Between finding a trustworthy insurance provider, identifying the best possible plan they sell, filling out paperwork, and handling payment, by the time you get insured, you’re…

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