Are electric scooters covered by your insurance policy?

This image shows a boy riding an electric scooter at a park.

Whether it's in the side streets or the bicycle lanes, it's not hard to find electric scooters here in Hong Kong. Riders all love them for their convenience. Though in recent years,…

Kwiksure announces winners of 20th anniversary giveaway

Kwiksure announces winners of 20th anniversary giveaway

Kwiksure is proud to announce the winners of the 20th anniversary giveaway campaign. We would like to express our gratitude to all participants who have supported…

Electric cars, diesel cars, or hybrid cars?


Electric cars are viewed as the mainstream cars of the future. However, Hong Kong still mainly relies on petrol vehicles. Several reasons why include car prices, insurance premium rate, and the number of available charging stations. Today…

Is it dangerous to drive a motorcycle in Hong Kong?


Did you know: “metal wrapped in skin” is a nickname Hong Kongers give to all motorcycles? The reason being that in a car crash, motorcyclists and their passengers are more likely to get injured. Is there truth to this nickname? If so, how do we avoid traffic accidents?…

Guide to running a motorcycle in Hong Kong


Driving your own vehicle always reigns supreme over walking in terms of convenience. Previously, we discussed several money-saving tips for car owners in Hong Kong. Here, we'll give you an overview of the main expenses…

Cost of health checkups in Hong Kong


As Hong Kongers become increasingly health-conscious, a great many people will opt for an annual health checkup. The primary reason is to understand their health condition, as well as to prevent diseases. However, depending on the body part you are screening,…

What exactly is third party motor insurance?

What exactly is third party motor insurance?

Every car owner in Hong Kong, and in the world in that matter, must have third party motor insurance,…

Car ownership: what you need to know about purchasing a vehicle in Hong Kong

car dealer making car ownership a reality

Looking at car ownership in Hong Kong is as simple as it is elsewhere, even with the government discouraging people from buying cars. After a bumper year of car sales in 2016,

Are there new speeding rules in Hong Kong?

Speeding traffic

Hong Kong is an interesting city when it comes to driving. For the most part, the many roads, highways, and byways are largely congested and urban meaning speeds are kept fairly consistent. That said, it is not uncommon to see people putting the pedal to the…

Top 4 Halloween insurance claims-filing tips

 Top 4 萬聖節保險索償貼士

Halloween is this coming Saturday! Unable to travel in this COVID-19 pandemic? You can still celebrate this holiday at home. Before you start dressing up and asking for candies from your neighbours, do you know that insurance companies receive…