Car accident statistics in Hong Kong: How are we driving?

two cars collide in a crash test highlighting accident statistics in Hong Kong

Accidents can occur at anytime on the roads. In Hong Kong, traffic accidents and statistics are recorded by the Traffic…

Did you know this about third party fire and theft car insurance?

third party fire and theft car insurance article

Those looking for cover that goes beyond the minimum protection required by Hong Kong legislation, but without the full range of benefits offered by

Vandalism, property theft, and non-collision car damage: what will insurance cover?

truck with graffiti vandalism representing the need for car insurance in Hong Kong

Buying car insurance, many people think of the benefits of being covered for damage and injury resulting from a car crash. However, things can happen to your vehicle even when you’re not driving it. Vandalism,…

Common car Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and the impact on your car insurance

Driving safely

In a recent article, we took a look at car safety ratings and their impact on insurance. Truth be told, in many cases when people start looking for a new car, especially those with a family, the…

Looking at home insurance and typhoon damage

Image of a typhoon to conceptualize typhoon damage and home insurance

What started out as yet another mid-August typhoon, Typhoon Hato quickly intensified in strength as it barreled down on Hong Kong, unleashing hurricane force winds and rain, prompting the city to raise its first T10 warning in 5…

Courts rule against disqualifying drunk drivers from insurance

handcuffs car keys and a glass of alcohol on a table representing disqualified drunk drivers

On Monday, the SCMP reported…

Are women better drivers than men?

a man and woman in the front seats of a car discussing who are better drivers

If there’s something that reignites the classic gender debate, it’s the question over who are better drivers. It can be a bit tongue-in-cheek, a little irrational, and sometimes even a heated…

5 most common traffic offences in Hong Kong

Traffic offences blog

Any driver in Hong Kong should be aware of the legislation governing traffic offences, so that they don’t risk putting their safety or the safety of other drivers and pedestrians in jeopardy. From dangerous driving, driving under the influence, to driving without…

The link between car safety ratings and your insurance

car key over a safety assessment to represent car safety ratings

Car insurance premiums are calculated using a variety of variables including, but not limited to: your age, your driving record, your car's engine size, the value of your car, and even where you…

Does your travel insurance offer enough protection?

Travel insurance article

“Do I need travel insurance?” may be a question you ask yourself every time before you go on holiday. The answer to this question should always be a resounding yes, as having the right travel…

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