3 important things to know about insurance for sports cars in Hong Kong

Sports cars used to highlight the need for sport car insurance in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of those cities where owning a car is seen as more of a luxury than a necessity. This means that there are an abnormally high number of sports cars on the road when compared to…

Finding the best third party car insurance in Hong Kong

Car needing third party car insurance in Hong Kong

So, you've bought a new car. That's great, you are one step closer to the freedom owning a car can bring to people in Hong Kong. That said, there is one more thing you need: insurance. In order to get you and your new car on the…

Hong Kong courts convict and fine five Uber drivers for driving law breaches

uber drivers in hong kong

This day a year ago, we were writing about five Uber drivers being in hot water over local driving laws. The car-hailing company has had an interesting few years, with

How to ensure your claims aren't inflated after an accident

Counting coins to showcase increased premiums

Every time you get in your car, start it up, and pull out onto the road there is a chance that you will be in an accident. When it comes to driving it's not a matter of if you will be in an accident, but when. That is why it is…

HK gov revokes electric car tax waiver - what impact will this have?

Car on coins

Did you know that as of the end of December 2016 the Transport Department in Hong Kong recorded a total of 7,089 electric vehicles registered in Hong Kong, compare…

Tips for driving a right-hand drive car in China

Right-hand drive car

The long awaited, yet regularly delayed Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is supposedly set to open by the end of 2017. While this is certainly good news, there is one thing to think about: which side of the road the traffic will drive on. As this

5 uncommon tactics that can reduce the cost of car insurance

Dollar sign

They say there are only two things that are for sure in this life: Death and taxes. If you own a vehicle, you can add a third thing to that: paying for car insurance. The problem many have with insurance is not that it's mandatory, it's the fact that almost every…

The Tesla Model X and its Hong Kong insurance implications


Electric car with plug

The Tesla Model X is out and the company's first crossover SUV is in demand. The new vehicle has come with its share of problems, though. Find out more about them and how this could effect your motor insurance in Hong Kong.

Driving tip: What to do in an emergency

Caution sign

Emergencies can happen at any time while you are driving. You might be driving along when, all of a sudden, your back right tire goes flat, causing you to lose control. Maybe a car cuts in front of you, leaving you with no time to react and resulting in an accident.…

Top 5 car safety tips to follow during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Kwiksure Article

Chinese New Year is just a blink of an eye away, and it’s time to say goodbye to the year of the monkey as we celebrate the new year of the rooster come January 28. Whether you’re going to be visiting family members or travelling overseas, those of you who will be driving or parking your…