Travelling for CNY? Don't forget your insurance

insurance for CNY

The year of the monkey is almost over, and come January 28 we will all be celebrating the year of the rooster. For many in Hong Kong this means travelling to visit family in China and abroad. In fact, it was reported by the

Car tech and the future: where science fiction becomes our driving reality

future car tech

Remember when the phrase “car technology” meant images of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider? Hundreds of flashing coloured lights, digital dials and a talking car A.I. - the future of our driving experience seemed light years away. Yet here we are; we’re getting extremely…

4 tips for protecting your kids on the road

4 tips for protecting your kids on the road

Are your children properly protected when travelling in your car? If you’re driving with children, one of the most important things you’ll need to know is how to enhance their safety on the road. It can be hard to ensure that your child is safe on top of all your…

Are there new speeding rules in Hong Kong?

Speeding traffic

Hong Kong is an interesting city when it comes to driving. For the most part, the many roads, highways, and byways are largely congested and urban meaning speeds are kept fairly consistent. That said, it is not uncommon to see people putting the pedal to the…

Why a dash cam is a good idea (and tips on how to use one)

dashboard camera

Let’s talk about dash cams again. Don’t remember? Last time we explained what a car dashboard camera is, how they work, what features they can have and, most importantly, which…

Getting car insurance quotes

comparing car insurance quotes

So you’ve been reading through some of the guides, had a think about what sort of insurance coverage you’ll need, and now you’re ready to seek out some car insurance quotes for your vehicle. So where do you start?

6 driving habits that are bad for both your car and insurance

Rally Car and possible dangerous driving

Drive anywhere in Hong Kong and it is pretty much guaranteed that you will come across a variety of safe driving reminders. From signs to ads on bridges, and more we are exposed to near constant safety reminders which the vast majority…

Does your car insurance cover personal belongings?

car thief

The weather has finally started to cool down, almost every building and mall has their decorations up, not to mention the fact that almost every store is blasting not only Christmas music, but also the AC! That's right, it's the holiday season in Hong Kong and many…

6 things you may not know about car insurance

Question mark to show things you may not know about car insurance

Car insurance in Hong Kong is one of those things that all drivers should have at least some knowledge about, after all it is mandatory for all owners of vehicles in the city…

What happens if you purchase fraudulent car insurance?

Magnifying glass used to find car insurance fraud in Hong Kong

Imagine this: you have purchased a brand new car and need to get it insured before you can hit the roads of Hong Kong. To find insurance you take to the Internet and search for "cheap car insurance in Hong Kong" or…