Does your travel insurance offer enough protection?

Travel insurance article

“Do I need travel insurance?” may be a question you ask yourself every time before you go on holiday. The answer to this question should always be a resounding yes, as having the right travel…

The benefits of keeping up your car maintenance in Hong Kong

mechanic pouring oil into engine during car maintenance work

Looking after your car is like looking after your body; the better condition you can keep it in, the better it will treat you over time. Car maintenance is a fact of life for vehicle owners, and it can be the difference…

Are in-car technologies dangerous?

In-car technologies article

If you’re in your 40s or 50s, the dashboard on your first car most probably had nothing more than a radio and air conditioner. And now? Cars are more decked out than ever before, featuring a wide range of technologies such as touch screens, hands-free calling,…

Distracted driving: using your phone behind the wheel in Hong Kong

 woman portraying distracted driving by using phone and drinking behind the wheel

Roads can be dangerous places but, as a driver, nothing makes it more unsafe than distracted driving. There are lots of reasons for losing focus on things other than your driving;…

Child safety and your car insurance in Hong Kong

Child safety and your car insurance blog

When driving with kids in your car, their safety should be of utmost priority. With this in mind, we advise that you take all the extra precautions necessary so that your children are protected on the road. When ensuring your child’s safety…

Kwiksure 17th Anniversary Lucky Draw Results


lucky draw results

Our Luck Draw has officially ended. Thanks for joining our campaign.

We have drawn the winners randomly, these 3 lucky winners can each get a Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

  1. Yeung…

Driving in the wet: Rain safety tips for Hong Kong motorists

rain safety warning on car wing mirror

As we’re right in the thick of the rainy season now, it’s important for Hong Kong motorists…

The connection between engine capacity and your car insurance premiums

engine capacity and your car insurance blog

As you are most likely aware, in Hong Kong it is mandatory for all drivers and owners of vehicles to have car insurance that meets the

Hong Kong Uber drivers under fire once again

Uber Hong Kong

It has happened again. The worldwide phenomenon of ridesharing services is once again under fire in Hong Kong. While there was a small scale…

Car1 names Kwiksure the 2016 Best Motor Insurance Broker award winner

Car1 HK Best Car Awards 2016 Banner

We’re extremely proud to announce that our team here at Kwiksure has been awarded the Best Motor Insurance Broker Award at the 2016 Car1 Hong Kong Best Car Awards. The annual awards, run for the seventh time…