5 uncommon tactics that can reduce the cost of car insurance

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They say there are only two things that are for sure in this life: Death and taxes. If you own a vehicle, you can add a third thing to that: paying for car insurance. The problem many have with insurance is not that it's mandatory, it's the fact that almost every…

The Tesla Model X and its Hong Kong insurance implications


Electric car with plug

The Tesla Model X is out and the company's first crossover SUV is in demand. The new vehicle has come with its share of problems, though. Find out more about them and how this could effect your motor insurance in Hong Kong.

Driving tip: What to do in an emergency

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Emergencies can happen at any time while you are driving. You might be driving along when, all of a sudden, your back right tire goes flat, causing you to lose control. Maybe a car cuts in front of you, leaving you with no time to react and resulting in an accident.…

Top 5 car safety tips to follow during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Kwiksure Article

Chinese New Year is just a blink of an eye away, and it’s time to say goodbye to the year of the monkey as we celebrate the new year of the rooster come January 28. Whether you’re going to be visiting family members or travelling overseas, those of you who will be driving or parking your…

The rules when driving between Hong Kong and the Mainland

Driving in China

It’s a time for visiting loved ones, many of whom might live over on the Mainland. If you’re thinking of driving over the border to visit family and friends, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for the differences in road rules between Hong Kong and China.

Travelling for CNY? Don't forget your insurance

insurance for CNY

The year of the monkey is almost over, and come January 28 we will all be celebrating the year of the rooster. For many in Hong Kong this means travelling to visit family in China and abroad. In fact, it was reported by the

Car tech and the future: where science fiction becomes our driving reality

future car tech

Remember when the phrase “car technology” meant images of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider? Hundreds of flashing coloured lights, digital dials and a talking car A.I. - the future of our driving experience seemed light years away. Yet here we are; we’re getting extremely…

4 tips for protecting your kids on the road

4 tips for protecting your kids on the road

Are your children properly protected when travelling in your car? If you’re driving with children, one of the most important things you’ll need to know is how to enhance their safety on the road. It can be hard to ensure that your child is safe on top of all your…

Are there new speeding rules in Hong Kong?

Speeding traffic

Hong Kong is an interesting city when it comes to driving. For the most part, the many roads, highways, and byways are largely congested and urban meaning speeds are kept fairly consistent. That said, it is not uncommon to see people putting the pedal to the…

Why a dash cam is a good idea (and tips on how to use one)

dashboard camera

Let’s talk about dash cams again. Don’t remember? Last time we explained what a car dashboard camera is, how they work, what features they can have and, most importantly, which…