Nearly 80% of households do not have home insurance in HK

Home insurance HK article

Most homeowners in Hong Kong would agree that their home is one of their most valuable assets. The majority of households in the SAR, however, do not have home insurance. In fact, nearly

Commercial vehicle insurance in Hong Kong: What you need to know

Commercial Vehicle Insurance blog

Perhaps you own a fleet of tour buses. Or maybe you run a moving and storage company. In whatever way your business intends to use your vehicle(s), one thing remains clear: you will need commercial vehicle insurance.

My vehicle was stolen and in an accident - Will my car insurance pay out?

Car insurance theft article

Two weeks ago, a man was arrested for stealing a pink Toyota iQ…

Volvo unveils new Polestar 1 electric vehicle under Car as a Service model

the new polestar 1 with the new car as a service model

When people think of electric cars, Volvo may not be the first brand to come to mind. Indeed, the auto market in Hong Kong was completely taken by both the model S and X from Tesla until the Hong Kong government

7 top tips for reducing your car insurance costs in 2018

Reducing car insurance costs blog

“How can I save money on car insurance?” is probably one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to renewing or buying a new car insurance policy. Everyone wants to save money - but when it comes to securing car insurance coverage, its jargon…

Buying a car in Hong Kong: what do I need to do to make it road legal?

a line of brand new ferraris representing things you need to know when buying a car in hong kong

As we turn to the time of year where new car models are hitting the markets, we at Kwiksure think it’s a good time to discuss the ins and outs of buying a car in Hong Kong. Beyond the task…

In-car pollution: Driving during rush hour could be more harmful than you think

In-car pollution article Kwiksure

When thinking about the potential hazards of being on the road, car accidents,

Third party vs comprehensive car insurance: What happens when there’s an accident?

third party vs comprehensive car insurance and car accidents

In a recent article we discussed the various statistics…

Vehicle examination in Hong Kong

vehicle examination

Drivers in Hong Kong know – or at least they should know – that regular maintenance of their vehicle is important. Going by widely held manufacturer recommendations, car owners in the city should be…

Car accident statistics in Hong Kong: How are we driving?

two cars collide in a crash test highlighting accident statistics in Hong Kong

Accidents can occur at anytime on the roads. In Hong Kong, traffic accidents and statistics are recorded by the Traffic…

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