International Driving Permits overseas: Will your driver’s license work?

 Traffic lights to highlight international driving permits overseas

Hong Kong is a city of travelers. Whether you are a jet-setting Hong Kong local that wants to try to make your friends jealous with all of the travel photos you post online or an expat business person that’s…

5 more Hong Kong car insurance myths

Question to consider whether something is a myth or not

Motor insurance in Hong Kong is viewed by many as a near commodity. All drivers and owners of vehicles are required by law to be covered by at least third-party insurance with many also securing comprehensive plans. The…

Car ownership: what you need to know about purchasing a vehicle in Hong Kong

car dealer making car ownership a reality

Looking at car ownership in Hong Kong is as simple as it is elsewhere, even with the government discouraging people from buying cars. After a bumper year of car sales in 2015,

Looking at Tesla’s recall of more than 50,000 vehicles

Kwiksure Tesla recall article

Most of you have probably noticed the latest news story about Tesla’s…

How do I get a driving license for a private car in Hong Kong?

yellow car driving license hong kong

While the public transport in Hong Kong is far superior to many other places, sometimes you just want to drive to get to where you want. It might be a convenience thing, or it might be…

Driving course in Hong Kong: Improving your on-road skills and safety

Obtaining a driver’s license is officially confirmation that you’re A-OK to drive on Hong Kong roads, but it’s not a reason to be complacent…

How car insurance premiums are calculated in Hong Kong

Calculator to illustrate how car insurance premiums are calculated in Hong Kong

If you own a car, or plan on buying one in Hong Kong you likely already know that you must purchase car insurance for your vehicle before you are legally allowed to drive it in the city. The thing…

3 important things to know about insurance for sports cars in Hong Kong

Sports cars used to highlight the need for sport car insurance in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of those cities where owning a car is seen as more of a luxury than a necessity. This means that there are an abnormally high number of sports cars on the road when compared to…

Finding the best third party car insurance in Hong Kong

Car needing third party car insurance in Hong Kong

So, you've bought a new car. That's great, you are one step closer to the freedom owning a car can bring to people in Hong Kong. That said, there is one more thing you need: insurance. In order to get you and your new car on the…

Hong Kong courts convict and fine five Uber drivers for driving law breaches

uber drivers in hong kong

This day a year ago, we were writing about five Uber drivers being in hot water over local driving laws. The car-hailing company has had an interesting few years, with