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7 ways to save money on car insurance in Hong Kong

Owning a car in Hong Kong can be very costly. With so many costs related to the vehicle to take into account, car insurance is luckily one cost that drivers, at least to some extent, have control over.

The good thing here is that insurance premium calculations are based on multiple factors, which drivers can use to their advantage. This infographic showcases the top seven ways drivers can lower their car insurance premiums in Hong Kong. 

More information about reducing your car insurance premiums

The above infographic is a short preview of the many ways and strategies drivers can use to lower their car insurance premiums. Kwiksure’s motor insurance experts also recommend also shopping around and understanding the risks associated with having the cheapest car insurance in Hong Kong.

We would like to invite you to read our more in-depth resources on lowering your car insurance premiums in Hong Kong and motor insurance calculations, as well as our article on the differences between Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Comprehensive insurance, and other articles available on Kwiksure’s blog and resources page. 

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