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Our staff of dedicated advisors guide you towards car insurance plans that best meet your specific requirements. As a broker, Kwiksure always works to further the interests of our customers and guarantee that we always provide high quality, unbiased advice so that you can make the best choice about your protection.

What are my car insurance options?

The Hong Kong government has made it compulsory for all drivers to buy car insurance, in order to protect all users on the roads. When it comes to insurance options in the city, drivers can select from Third Party Only coverage or go for slightly higher levels of protection with further optional benefits on a Comprehensive Plan.

  • Personalize your car insurance to your specific requirements
  • The options of Third Party Only, or further cover with more Comprehensive Insurance
  • Additional 'Auto Assistance Services' available
  • Optional 'Personal Accident & Medical' coverage available
  • Fast, helpful, and straightforward claims process
  • Chinese and English assistance and advice from our car insurance experts

Third Party vs Comprehensive Car Insurance



Comprehensive car insurance gives more extensive cover than a third party or a third party fire and theft insurance policy. Read on to learn more about the benefits of these plans and why drivers in Hong Kong prefer this type of car insurance.

Third Party

Third Party

Third-party motor insurance, also known as third party insurance, covers policyholders against compensation claimed by third parties for bodily injury or property damage as a result of a traffic accident. Click to learn the benefits of this type of car insurance.

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