Why Insured By Kwiksure

Founded in 2000, Kwiksure is a leading motor insurance broker in Hong Kong comparing third-party and comprehensive motor insurance plan quotes from over 60 insurers in Hong Kong. As a broker, we always prioritize the interests of our customers as we guide you towards securing the best plan based on your budget, driving experience, and individual needs.

  • Experience in Motor Insurance

    21 years
  • No. of Awards

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Kwiksure Car Insurance Benefits

  • Low auto insurance premium

    as low as $777 with low deductibles (excess)

  • Diverse plans available

    ranging from young drivers, P-license holders, Learner’s License holders, electric cars, SUVs, second-hand cars, and sports cars to commercial vehicles

  • Extensive coverage

    including vehicle damage, third-party liabilities, bodily injuries, and property damage

  • Unbiased insurance advice

    impartially compare quotes from over 60 insurers with a client-first philosophy

  • Flexible benefit options

    extra add-on benefits available, such as “personal accidents and medical coverage”, “motor windscreen coverage”, “accidental hospital cash benefit”, and “zero depreciation repair benefit (excluding part depreciation expenses)”

Kwiksure Car Insurance Benefits

  • First-year new for old coverage

    replacing your car, which is stolen or has suffered total loss in an accident, with a car of the same make and model without deducting any depreciation

  • 5-day rental coverage

    your rental car costs will be covered when your car is under repair after an accident

  • NCD/NCB protecto

    NCD/NCB will not be deducted if the claim does not exceed a specific amount

  • Wide insurance coverage area

    can extend to Guangdong province including Macau

  • 24-hour roadside emergency assistance

    round-the-clock towing service for vehicles that need repairs on the road

  • Simple claims and renewal process

    Chinese and English assistance and advice from our car insurance experts

Comparing third-party and comprehensive motor insurance


Third-party insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

I. Basic Coverages

Vehicle Damage, Fire and Theft Protection
(not exceeding car value)
Third-party Bodily Injury and Property Damage*

II. Additional Coverages

Driver Personal Accident Coverage
Up to HKD 200,000
Auto Repair Centre of your Choice
NCD/NCB Protector
Front Windscreen Coverage
Maximum HKD 5,000
Third-party Liability Claims Recovery Service
New For Old Replacement
Temporary Substitute Vehicle Free Referral Maximum HKD 5,000
24-hour Roadside Emergency Repair Service
24-hour Towing Service
# The above information is for reference only. The actual scope of coverage and exclusions are listed in the policy. Please read the terms and conditions of the policy before purchasing any insurance product. In case of any discrepancy, the terms and conditions of the policy shall prevail.

Q&A Section

  • Why should you buy insurance through a broker?
    As an insurance broker, Kwiksure always works to further the interests of the policyholder and can compare quotes from over 60 insurance companies in Hong Kong. We can provide you with a fair and affordable plan, free insurance consultation, and claims advice service.
  • How can I apply if the transaction is not completed and I cannot provide the vehicle registration document?
    If the vehicle is not registered, we will need the chassis and engine number of the vehicle. You can find this information by asking the dealership for a TD-22 form from the Transport Department.

    If the vehicle is a second-hand car and there is no vehicle registration document belonging to the insured, we will need a copy of the old owner's vehicle registration document.
  • Can I lend my insured vehicle to another person to drive?
    There is generally no problem with lending the insured vehicle to another person. You just have to be aware of the driver's deductible. However, some high-performance sports cars may have a "registered-drivers only" clause. If this clause is included in the policy, the car cannot be lent to an unregistered driver. It is also the owner's responsibility to ensure that the loaner driver has a valid driver's license.
  • How long does it take to get a quote?
    We are able to provide real-time quotes for most of our inquiries. Even if a real-time quote is not available, we can usually reply within three hours.

Car Insurance: Comprehensive vs Third Party

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance

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Third Party Car Insurance

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