Does car insurance cover windshield reparation fees?


The windshield or windscreen is one of the most commonly replaced car parts, especially if you drive on roads frequented by dump trucks. With the billowing dust and heated up tires in the summer, it's easy for pebbles to stick to your wheels. What's worse, they'll then bounce off in various directions. That's why hearing a ticking noise when you're driving is a bad sign.

If you're lucky, there will only be a chip in your windshield. If not, there might be a big crack down the middle. Of course, by neglecting to fix that small chip, there's a chance it'll turn into a huge crack too. 

As one of the most easily-damaged car parts, most drivers would want to know what car insurance will cover windshield reparation, and under which circumstances. Today at Kwiksure, we'll answer this pressing question. 

Windshield glass components

A windshield is composed of three layers. A plastic interlayer is sandwiched between two glass layers. Usually, windshield reparation only involves repairing the damage in the outer glass layer because this is the most easily damaged. Here, you might find star-shaped and regular cracks, or light scratches.

Things to note for car window reparation 

Windshield reparation is often done inch-by-inch. We don't recommend repairing fractures exceeding one inch. For one, this is to save money, and also for safety. It's impossible to repair broken glass one hundred percent. Oftentimes, some defects will remain. However, this will still be sufficient to pass the Transport Department vehicle inspection. Drivers can keep the original, factory-produced windshield that comes with the car without having to replace it entirely. 

Generally, once the glass fractures, it is best to find a qualified car repairer to fix or replace it as soon as possible. As aforementioned, a small hole or chip may become a large crack. You don't want to have dust or remnants of acid rain trapped within these cracks.

How to avoid having to replace a new windshield?

  1. Again, avoid driving on roads frequented by numerous dump trucks during rush hours. Instead, switch to another path. 
  2. Pebbles easily stick to car tires and bounce off like missiles in the summer, when the roads are hot. Moreover, summer is also the rainy season. After heavy rain, the road condition will be particularly sandy. You should drive even more carefully at these times.
  3. Even if you can't follow the above advice, you should take note of your driving speed. Theoretically, the faster the car speed, the more likely the glass will explode when hit by a stone. So, maintain a proper driving speed, and avoid following cars in front too closely can reduce your chance of windshield replacement.

How much does it cost to repair your windshield?

Windshield repair fees depend on how heavily damaged your windshield is. Mostly, it depends on the degree of damage to the glass. In many cases, the repairer's price is used as the standard. Generally, if only one or two spots on the glass are pierced by a stone, the price of the windshield is about HKD $400 to HKD $600. However, if the damage is extensive, it may be more cost-effective to replace it.

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Will your car insurance cover damages to the windshield?

Windshield impairments are usually caused by stray flying pebbles on the road. In other words, there are no "perpetrators". Your only option is to file a claim with your insurer. Most comprehensive car insurance plans include additional windshield protection, whereas third-party plans require a separate add-on. 

Generally speaking, there is no need to deduct the NCD when you replace your windshield. Nonetheless, the price of the replacement glass is usually capped. The same goes for the number of replacements covered by different insurance companies, and the number of replacements per year. In addition, some insurance companies will specify that you can only go to a specific car repair center, or they only offer coverage for the front windshield, but not the rear windshield.

As for the amount of protection, most insurers a maximum claim limit of HKD $3,000 to HKD $5,000. If the cost of windshield replacement exceeds the limit, the owner may have to deduct the NCD claim or pay the balance out-of-pocket.

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