4 tips to compare golf insurance in Hong Kong and their claims limit

This image shows a person playing golf who has purchased golf insurance in Hong Kong.

It's easy to believe that you won't get hurt from a contactless sport like golf. However, like a host of other sports, if you have an incorrect posture, you might injure yourself or others around you. The Consumer Council has evaluated 12 local golf insurance plans and their coverages in 2019. Today at Kwiksure, we will compare golf insurance in Hong Kong, their coverage areas, and claim limitations. 

Golf insurance in Hong Kong coverages

Generally, golf insurance plans cover the following areas:

  • Third party liabilities
  • Personal accidents
  • Hole in one insurance
  • Golf equipment 
  • Personal property
  • Inpatient expenses 

4 Tips to compare golf insurance in Hong Kong 

Below, we'll take a look at how to compare golf insurance in Hong Kong to find one that works for you. 

1. Pay attention to insurance age limits and claims conditions

Countless golf insurance sets a minimum and maximum age limit for their policyholders. Alternatively, they may list out that upon reaching a certain age (e.g. 66 years old and up), you will only be eligible to receive half of the compensation.

2. Watch out for insurance exclusions

Planning to sign your kids up for golf lessons? Take note that not every golf insurance in Hong Kong will cover them. For instance, the following scenarios during their time on the golf course are all excluded from coverage: 

  • Your child injures someone.
  • They damaged other people's property.
  • They lost their own.

If you choose to buy a family plan, remember to check the scope of protection provided to your children and whether the amount of compensation is sufficient.

3. See whether there is a deductible

Certain golf third-party insurance requires you to pay out-of-pocket the deductible of each claim ranging from HKD $500 to HKD $1,000. After which, your insurance company will compensate for the rest.

4. Note the compensation limits

You might have heard of this golf tradition. If you're lucky enough to score a hole in one, you're required to host a celebration at the clubhouse and invite everyone. Enters insurers and their "hole-in-one" golf insurance compensation.

Keep in mind that some insurance companies have restrictions on this. For instance, the golf course must have par values of 65 or above, or it must have 18 holes or par values of 68 or 72. The celebration venue is also limited to the clubhouse, and the party must be held within 7 or 30 days of the hole-in-one.

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Finally, before heading off to a golf course in HK, check your insurer's contact information and if they have a 24-hour emergency support service. This way, in case of an accident or a claim, you can run through the claim filing process and its required documents on the spot. 

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