Tips for choosing the best parking spots

Tips for choosing the best parking spots

Driving in Hong Kong can be a very frustrating experience, especially when it comes to finding a parking spot against a tide of other vehicles that are doing the same. The good news is that there are various ways to help find that perfect spot as easy as possible. While Kwiksure cannot promise that finding a parking spot will be stress-free, the following 3 tips will make finding that parking space as pleasant (or the very least, bearable) and less stressful as possible.

Tip 1: Use mobile technology to your advantage

Mobile technology is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to finding a parking spot. For a few years now, various mobile applications have been popping up to facilitate drivers in their search for a suitable parking spot. 

An excellent example is the ‘Hong Kong eRouting’ mobile application from the Transport department. There are great features to be explored with mobile applications as they generally provide car park information, including real-time parking vacancy information of some car parks. Applications can highlight the number of vacant spots or how full the parking lot is. On-street parking space information is also provided, indicating availability for various types of vehicles like cars, vans, goods vehicles, and for disabled road users too.

Therefore, check out mobile applications that offer features that indicate availability but also warn drivers of any hazards that vehicles may come across. 

Tip 2: Picking a row

If drivers are in a parking lot of a busy shopping mall, then there are 2 ways to go about searching for a suitable parking spot:

  1. Actively drive up and down all the rows searching for the spot closest to the entrance to the mall.\
  2. Enter row upon row until a vacant parking spot is found, no matter how far the entrance to the mall is from the parked vehicle.

Although being close to the entrance is a bonus for shoppers or visitors, the problem with the first approach is that too much time is spent looking for a vacancy. As such, if there is a concern for time, driving around until a parking spot becomes available may be the most efficient approach for drivers.

More so, there’s an issue of safety as vehicles parked closer to the entrance are more at risk of receiving damage due to unattended trolleys and the presence of other vehicles looking for a spot near the entrance. For safety, drivers may wish to search for an area where congestion is lower and with little to no unattended obstructions like cones and trolleys.

Tip 3: Choose a well-lit parking area

Parking a vehicle is always easier when there is clear visibility and the area is well lit-up. Hazards can be seen before making a decision to park. Obstructions may be in the way and could cause damage to parts of the vehicle, for example, the wheels. Assessing the safety not only for the driver, but also for the vehicle reduces the risk of making a motor insurance claim for damage done to the vehicle. This very much depends if the driver is insured under a comprehensive or third-party plan.

Comprehensive motor insurance 

If the driver accidentally damages the vehicle when maneuvering into or out of a parking spot, then having comprehensive motor insurance will be most beneficial to making a successful claim. Without comprehensive cover, the driver will risk having to fork out for repairs. Worse still, if the car is written off, then the value of the vehicle will fall significantly, and the driver left with an unroadworthy vehicle.

Third-party (fire and theft) motor insurance

Third-party only (TPO) is the lowest allowable level of insurance that drivers must get in Hong Kong. TPO covers damage to other people and other cars, but any damage to the driver’s car remains their responsibility to fund and sort.

A third-party fire and theft motor insurance plan is the same as TPO, but the insurance plan will also cover situations where the vehicle catches fire or if it’s stolen.

Generally, parking lots in many shopping malls across Hong Kong will provide sufficient lighting. Outdoor parking lots will have bright flood lights to light up the whole area. However, there may be times when a parking spot is found along a side street in Hong Kong, and the lamp post may be broken leaving a dark patch over the area. If unsure it is also best to search for a well-lit area that fosters safety for both the driver and the vehicle. 

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