Taxi Insurance

Taxi Insurance

As a taxi driver in Hong Kong, you likely know that it is a serious investment that requires not only a large amount of capital but also considerable time in order to turn a profit. That's why it's important to ensure that you are able to save money where possible. Here at Kwiksure motor insurance, we can help.

What types of insurance are available for taxi drivers?

Regardless of whether you will be driving an Urban, New Territories, or Lantau taxi, the Transport Department requires all drivers to secure a motor insurance policy. Luckily, the policies available to taxi drivers are similar to those for individual drivers, which means there are three types of insurance you can secure for your taxi.

  • Third party only coverage
  • Third party Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive coverage


No Claims Discounts for taxi drivers in Hong Kong

One of the most popular benefits of many individual motor insurance plans is the No Claims Discount (NCD) which sees a discount applied to your premiums for each year you drive without an accident and submission of a claim.

This benefit is available for taxi drivers and is usually exactly the same as the NCD offered with individual motor insurance policies.

It should be noted here that while the NCD is available and will be granted to taxi drivers with clean driving records, many insurers will actually end up charging an overall higher premium which could result in your discount being more or less nullified. This is often done to offset the risk associated with the higher chance that as a taxi driver you will be in an accident.

How to get your taxi insured with Kwiksure?

Kwiksure has helped hundreds if not thousands of taxi drivers in Hong Kong secure quality and affordable taxi insurance. We can even help you review your existing plan to ensure that it's the best value for your needs.

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Taxi insurance plans sold as comprehensive coverage are designed to offer drivers and their vehicle's full coverage. These plans cover not only the third party coverage listed above but also offer coverage for loss or damage done to yourself or your vehicle. More

Third Party

Third party only coverage is a policy that meets the minimum requirements set out by the Transport Department. In other words, all taxi drivers in Hong Kong are required to secure this type of coverage at the very least. More