A first-timer’s guide to obtaining a Hong Kong driver’s license for private cars

Your guide to getting a driver's license in Hong Kong

With a driver’s license for private cars, you are free to traverse through Hong Kong at your own convenience. Depending on the types of vehicles you are planning to drive in Hong Kong, the application requirements for a driver’s license can vary greatly. 

Here, the application is divided into two major categories: non-commercial and commercial cars. Non-commercial cars include private cars, light goods vehicles, and motorcycles. Commercial cars, on the other hand, involve vehicles driven for the purpose of transporting goods and passengers. Trucks and taxis are examples of commercial cars. 

To simplify the registration process, our experts at Kwiksure have created this infographic to make each step easy to understand.   

More useful information 

Getting a driver’s license in Hong Kong can be a lengthy and complicated process. Regardless of the types of cars you’ll be driving, car insurance or motor insurance is a legal requirement in Hong Kong. Interested to learn more about all things motor insurance? See our guide to car insurance for first-time drivers.  

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