Basic and comprehensive domestic helper coverage options in Hong Kong

Basic vs comprehensive maid insurance in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong's labor law requires all employers to purchase insurance to protect their employees against workplace injuries and accidents, the insurance scheme is called Employee Compensation insurance and is a requirement for all domestic workers as well. 

The cheaper, basic domestic helper insurance (Employee Compensation) only covers the bare minimum and costs less in terms of premiums. However, there are some benefits to offering more comprehensive coverage to domestic helpers. Besides the EC insurance, all employers of domestic workers are required to provide their helper with free medical care under the terms of a standard employment contract, which is extensively enforced in Hong Kong. 

With that being said, extending the helper’s insurance coverage for at least health insurance is a wise step for employers to protect themselves, and the helper, against the costs of healthcare treatments.

Everything you need to know about maid insurance in Hong Kong

For a full overview of domestic helper insurance options and description of benefits, please view this Kwuksure’s blog post that explains the matter in great detail. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak with an advisor, simply contact us for impartial advice, and free comparison and quotation of different maid insurance plans!