Useful tips about motorbike insurance for first-time drivers



Motorcycles are getting more popular in Hong Kong, and for good reason. They look flashier, cost less to buy and maintain, and are easier to park than their four-wheeled counterparts. It’s little wonder that the total number of licensed motorcycles has risen from 47,484 in 2015 to 58,109 in 2019, according to statistics from the Transport Department.

Having said that, another big difference between motorcycles and automobiles is that motorcyclists on a learner’s license are required to purchase motorbike insurance. This is because motorcyclists have to ride on their own motorbikes during lessons whereas car learner drivers can practice in a car provided by their private coach or driving institution.

In this infographic, our experts at Kwiksure will offer you some useful tips to help make the most of your motorbike insurance plan, including how to

  • Choose the best type of motorbike insurance

  • Capitalize on No Claim Discounts (NCD)

  • Stick to your declared motorbike usage

  • Refrain from making illegal modifications to your motorbikes

  • Find the most cost-effective plan

Find out more about motorcycle and automobile insurance

Getting your motor insurance is no simple task. With so many plans to choose from, each with their own prices, benefits, and exclusions, you’ll need an insurance broker that is reliable and reputable to help you cherry-pick the right plan.

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