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5 tactics to lower your motor insurance premiums

5 tactics to lower your motor insurance premiums

We’ve previously designed infographics such as “7 ways to save money on car insurance in Hong Kong” and “Electric cars in Hong Kong and specifics of EV insurance”. Go check them out for more information!

One more point to note, car owners should compare different insurance plans and read the terms and conditions thoroughly before making their purchasing decision. If they don’t want to quote the price themselves or find it too hard to read through the terms, they can engage the services of an insurance broker. Insurance brokers only charge the insurers, so you pay the same price as buying directly from the insurer yourself. However, you can enjoy impartial, professional advice from the insurance broker.

What can Kwiksure do for you?

In addition to car insurance (third-party and comprehensive), Kwiksure also provides a variety of products such as domestic helper insurance, motorcycle insurance, VHIS, and more. You can use our online quotation system to get a free quote! If you wish to chat with us, you can contact our expert insurance advisors, who can provide unbiased suggestions to help you compare various insurance plans!