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Travel Insurance Policy Detail

You can expect to receive the very highest levels of travel coverage possible in the HKSAR insurance market from a travel insurance policy provided by IHI-BUPA. Our plans also give you worldwide coverage, ensuring that you have the most comprehensive protection possible across the globe.

Benefits under an IHI-BUPA Travel Health Insurance policy include the following:

Coverage Benefit Coverage Limit (US$)
Maximum Cover Per Person Per Trip Unlimited
In-Patient Hospitalization Treatment 100% of the cost
In-Patient Hospitalization Treatment 100% of the cost
Out-Patient Treatment 100% of the cost
Prescribed Medicines and Drugs 100% of the cost
Ambulance Transportation 100% of the cost
Emergency Medical Evacuations 100% of the cost
Compassionate Emergency Repatriation 100% of the cost
Nex of Kin Accompanient 100% of the cost
Board, Lodging and Transport for Next of Kin US$ 300 per person per day
Prescribed Physiotherapist Treatment US$ 2,500 per person per trip
Provisional Pain Stilling Dental Treatment US$ 200 per person per trip

The above list is only a glimpse of the vast number of coverage benefits from an IHI-BUPA travel medical plan.

The plan allows you to buy extra non-medical coverage affording you all rounded coverage during your travels abroad.

Opting for add non-medical coverage on top of your IHI-BUPA travel insurance will give you the following benefits:

Coverage Benefit Coverage Limit (US$)
Personal Accident: Death and Disability US$ 75,000 per person per trip
Baggage: Theft, Loss, or Accidental Damage US$ 2,000 per person per trip
Theft of Passport and/or Money US$ 200 per person per trip
Baggage Delay US$ 500 per person per trip
Personal Liability; Property Damage US$ 500,000 per person per trip
Person Liability: Bodily Injury US$ 1,000,000 per person per trip
Fight Delay US$ 100 per day, Maximum US$ 500
Hospital Daily Benefit US$ 50 per day, Maximum US$ 2,000
Security and Legal Assistance US$ 10,000 per person per trip

The combination of comprehensive medical coverage with non-medical coverage option under the IHI-BUPA HK Travel Insurance policy grants you access to the highest standard of coverage available on a global basis. Therefore, you can be assured of the very best medical care possible.

Travel Insurance Premiums

Your travel insurance premium will be based on your age or the age of all the members of the family together with the duration of the planned trip in question. It is important to be aware that travel plans are time restricted, so you must ensure that you state the right information in relation to the length of your stay. For example if your travel medical policy expires while you are on trip abroad, you will not be covered for the days after the expiration date.

Your departure date from Hong Kong and your arrival date back in Hong Kong are treated as “travel days” under the travel policy, therefore please count them in the total length of your trip.

You can opt for annual travel insurance which will come with a basic premium. Taking out annual cover allows you to receive coverage for multiple trips in and out of Hong Kong during the course of the whole year; however, each trip can only be up to a maximum of 30 days in duration.