Local Drivers in Hong Kong Less Likely to Make Claims Than Expats

According to Kwiksure's recent figures, expat drivers in Hong Kong are more likely to make claims than local drivers. Kwiksure has processed a higher total number of claims from locals than expats this year but when compared to the number of policies sold to both local drivers and expats, it appears that local drivers are less likely to make a claim.

So far in 2013, Kwiksure has reported…

Are breast cancer prevention methods covered by medical insurance policies?

Celebrity Star, Angelina Jolie announced in the New York Times recently that she has had both breasts removed in light of her BRCA gene test results, which revealed that she had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer and a 50% chance of developing ovarian cancer.

This has created what newspapers…

Kwiksure Examines Feasibility of Vehicle GPS in Hong Kong

Global Positioning Systems (GPS), formerly known as NAVSTAR GPS, owes its inception and development to two engineers, Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson. Working for the US Defence department, they crafted a satellite system that can feed non-stop navigational data for military purposes.

Essentially, GPS is a tracking system comprised of more than 20 or satellites orbiting the earth at…

U.S. Car Insurers Exhibit Prejudice Against Good Low-Income Drivers

In the United States, auto insurers have been found to weigh a client’s job and education level above their driving history when determining their insurance premiums. When setting rates for minimum-liability auto insurance coverage, clients who otherwise were on identical standings received lower quotes if they were more qualified, or in a higher paying job, despite having a worse driving record…

Hong Kong’s Underage Drinkers

We’re in Wan Chai, and its Wednesday.

The girls are drinking for free and the boys have taken formation outside 7-Eleven.

Nobody wants to think about tomorrow.

Alcohol consumption amongst Hong Kong youth has risen over the past two decades, as surveys from the ‘Youth Research Centre’ point to over 20% percent of local respondents admitting to drinking alcohol under the legal…

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