Is there any benefit to owning an electric car?

Kwiksure looks into electric cars in Hong Kong and whether they offer a benefit to car owners.

What to do when your car is a lemon

Kwiksure looks at what to do if you have a car that breaks down before its time or is of dubious quality, enough to leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Kwiksure wants to change motor insurance claims in Hong Kong

Kwiksure completes our look at the current motor insurance claims system in Hong Kong and offers suggestions that can help make it not only more efficient, but also fair for those with motor insurance.

Car Insurance: Depreciation Versus Betterment

Depreciation and Betterment: Two terms used widely in the world of auto insurance that many people are not familiar with. However, when it comes to making sure that you are paying as little out-of-pocket as possible the next time you're in a car accident, they are two terms you should know. Find out more about depreciation and betterment here from Kwiksure Insurance.

Taxis and Public Transport in Hong Kong: What You Need to Know about Accidents and Insurance

Ever wonder what would happen if you were to get into a serious accident while riding a bus, train or taxi in Hong Kong? Who is at fault? Will you be responsible for your own medical costs? Here, Kwiksure provides information on how likely such an accident is to occur, as well as how to make sure you're protected if one happens.

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