Domestic Helpers and Insurance: How to protect both you and your employee

In Hong Kong, hiring a domestic helper to help keep a household functioning smoothly is a common occurrence for a family. However, there are responsibilities that should be considered before doing so. One of the biggest of these considerations is making sure that the health and wellbeing of your helper is taken care of. Find out more about domestic helper insurance here.

Part 2 - Complaints uncover problems with car insurance in Hong Kong

Kwiksure looks at some of the most common complaints about the car insurance claims process in Hong Kong and how these point to the need for a complete revamp of the system.

Part 1 - Hong Kong Motor Insurers consistently underpaying on claims – Looking at betterment

At the recent Claims Conference Asia - Hong Kong, Neil Raymond, MD at Kwiksure, took to the stage to talk about the current state of the car insurance industry in Hong Kong and what can be done to improve it so that all parties involved have not only a better, but more efficient and fair insurance system. In this three part series, Kwiksure takes a look at the practices that have become the norm in Hong Kong, the current claims process, and finally what can be done to fix this. Same service, new website

Kwiksure, Hong Kong’s premier car insurance broker, is proud to announce that we have officially launched our new, completely redesigned website. Our new site brings a modern design to one of the city’s most powerful vehicle insurance quoting system.

Recent Study Examines Use of Mobile Phones while Driving

A team at Carnegie Mellon University and the London School of Economics has recently published a study that claims that talking on a mobile phone while driving does not lead to an increased chance of an accident, contrary to the popular belief of almost twenty years.

The study, which…

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