Travel Insurance Claims

Travel General Claim Advice:

Making a travel insurance claim is generally a very quick process and can be done within a week. If there are delays it is usually due to a lack of paperwork and documentation.

It is very important that:

  • If you go to a doctor/physician you get signed doctors diagnosis and keep all prescriptions and receipts (original copies will be required)
  • If something is stolen you get a signed police report within 24 hours (at/near the location where the loss occurred)
  • If your property is damaged you keep the damaged items as evidence for the insurer.
  • If baggage is delayed, lost or damaged on a plane/train/boat etc you get a written report from the carrier.
  • If you damage another persons property or injury them you do not admit liability.

When you go on a trip, always have your Travel Insurance Policy number and the emergency hotline number with you. Make a copy of the documents about your trip, such as receipt of travel agency, air ticket, schedule etc. In the event of a claim, such documents will be useful to provide evidence and details about your travel. When you make a claim it is advisable to contact the company who sold you the insurance for advice.