Golf Insurance Claims

Golf General Claim Advice

In the case of Personal Accidental Disability claims, you should submit the following to your insurer as soon as possible:

  • Submit all original hospital and physician's reports with the name of the insured person, sex and age, giving details of the nature of the loss and the extent and period of disability. A police report should be submitted where relevant.
  • Completed claim form with details of the accident.

In case of a Death claim, additional documents such as the original death certificate and the relevant coroner's report should be submitted with the above documents. 


In the case of Personal Liability claims:

  • Report to the Police immediately in case of injury to a Third Party;
  • If possible, obtain information from witness(es) such as their name(s), address(es) and contact telephone number(s);
  • Give immediate notice to your insurer providing the nature and circumstances of the incident or event, together with a confirmation that no admission of liability and no settlement has been made;
  • Do not admit liability or make any offer or promise of payment to the Third Party;
  • Pass all correspondence received from the Third Party unanswered to your insurer. Every writ and summons must be forwarded to us immediately on its receipt.



You should provide a written report from your golf club to your insurer as soon as possible. 


Golf Equipment

In case of loss of Golf equipment and personal effects:

  • Report to the Police immediately and obtain a police report;
  • Report to your golf club.
  • Provide proof of loss.
  • Complete a claim form.

In case of damage to your golf equipment:

  • Keep the broken parts of the golf equipment in case they are needed for inspection.
  • Proof of value (if any).
  • Complete a claim form.