Vehicle Registration

When you buy a motor vehicle in Hong Kong you must register it with the Transport Department. In Hong Kong there are three government departments that are involved with the importation and registration of vehicles. These are the Customs and Excise Department, Environmental Protection Department, and the Transport Department. If you purchased your vehicle in Hong Kong then you will only have to deal with the Transport Department in order to receive your registration. 

Here are the necessary steps that you must take in order to successfully register a vehicle in Hong Kong. 

Fill out form TD22 : This is the application for vehicle licensing and must be submitted to the Transport Department in person, either by yourself or through an agent. If you use an agent you must provide that individual with copies of your identity card and driving license. A copy of the form can be obtained here. Please note that this form will not be accepted by the transport department unless you have provided a 2 sided copy. 

Each application must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents. For a Private Vehicle these are:

  • A Hong Kong Identity (ID) Card or, in the case of non-residents, a passport.
  • A valid Third Party or Comprehensive insurance Cover Note or Certificate in the name of the individual applying for registration.
  • Payment receipt from the manufacturer or dealership (an invoice stating that you have purchased the vehicle).
  • If you have imported the vehicle privately you will need to supply a 'Notification of Motor Vehicle Provisional Taxable Value' from the Customs and Excise Department. Please be aware that other documents may be required in regards to the vehicle tax, even if you obtained the vehicle in Hong Kong.
  • Certificate of Approval of Road Worthiness issued by the Transport Department.
  • A cheque made payable to 'The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region' for the appropriate tax and fee amount.

With the exception of new vehicles all motor vehicles in Hong Kong must be inspected by the government and approved for road worthiness before they can be registered. Vehicle models registered for the first time in Hong Kong must also be inspected. Information about inspections can be obtained from the Vehicle Examination Division at telephone number 2829 5466. 

Unless it has previously been cleared by the Hong Kong Transport Department, applications for the registration of left hand drive vehicles will be rejected. Only under special circumstances will these types of applications be allowed. 

It is very important that you register your vehicle correctly. Insurance companies will not issue a complete policy without a Vehicle Registration Document clearly stating that you are the owner of the vehicle. 

If you need any assistence with regisitering your vehicle or any other parts of the insurance process, please contact us today and we can help.