Provisional License Motor Insurance

Before you’re able to qualify as a fully licensed driver in Hong Kong, passing a mandatory Probationary Driving License period is required under local laws. Find out more about what being a P License holder means here.


What is a Probationary Driving License?

Similar to other probationary, provision or learner license systems around the world, a Probationary Driving License in Hong Kong exists to ensure those learning to operate a private car or light goods vehicle do so in a safe environment that protects them, as well as other drivers around them.

A P License is applicable to anyone who applies to take a private car or light goods vehicle driving test on or after February 9, 2009. It also applies to those applying for a motorcycle or motor-tricycle driving test on or after October 1, 2000. You must apply for a Probationary Driving License upon passing either of the aforementioned tests, where you will be required to undergo a 12-month probationary driving period.


What are the restrictions placed on P License holders in Hong Kong?

In addition to standard driving restrictions placed upon all drivers in Hong Kong, Probationary Driving License holders have a number of additional expectations placed upon them to ensure their learning period is as safe as possible. These are:

  • Being required to display a “P” plate at the front and rear of a vehicle you are driving;

  • Being restricted from carrying any passenger whilst driving a motorcycle or tricycle;

  • Being restricted from driving in excess of 70 km/hr, even on roads with a higher speed limit;

  • Being restricted from driving on the offside land of expressways with three or more traffic lanes.

The “P” plate itself has a range of dimensions and design specifics that must be adhered to so that other drivers can easily identify you. The short story is they must be a red colored P on a white background, on a plate that is 150mm by 150mm in size. Find out more about the design and display of a “P” plate here.


Traffic offences as a P License holder

Holders of a Provisional Driving License are advised to pay extra attention to the road rules. Road traffic offences in Hong Kong are split between “minor” and “serious”. Being convicted of a “minor” road traffic offence, one that carries less than 10 driving-offence points, will see your probationary driving period extended by 6 months. If you are convicted of a “serious” road traffic offence, which carries 10 or more driving-offence points, or you are convicted of two or more “minor” offences, your Probationary Driving License will be cancelled.


Can someone on a Probationary Driving License secure their own insurance?

The short answer is: yes! P License holders are free to purchase their own car insurance, however this is subject to your age. Those aged 21 and over can purchase a motor insurance policy, the very same that a fully licensed driver would hold, however you will be subject to an extra loading on your premium.

Unfortunately, no insurer in Hong Kong offers coverage for Provisional Driving License holders under the age of 21.


Can you apply for an International Driving Permit with a P License?

International Driving Permits (IDP) cannot be issued to people holding a Provisional Driving License. Only holders of a full Hong Kong driving license and a HKID holder may apply for an IDP.


More information about P Licenses in Hong Kong

For more information about the vehicle licensing requirements in the SAR, see the websites of the Hong Kong Government or the Transport Department, or contact our team of consultants today.