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Private Car Insurance

A private car insurance policy generally covers you and your vehicle when you are driving to work, when you go on holiday, and for general use. However, please be aware that if your vehicle has been used for illegal activities, and is involved in an accident, it will likely be excluded from coverage under your private motor insurance policy. This could include if it has been driven by an uninsured learner driver or a foreign driver from a country not listed in the countries eligible to drive in the region, as listed on the government website.

Furthermore, participating in street racing is illegal and thus will not be indemnified by the company. Another activity that will not be covered by your policy is using your private car for racing on a professional track. If you want to get coverage for this type of activity, it may be possible to add an optional benefit to your policy with some insurers, though this is rare due to the risks involved. If you are unsure of what activities are included for coverage, please refer to your policy or speak to one of our advisers who can point you in the right direction.

It is illegal to drive without insurance in Hong Kong with penalties ranging from temporary license suspension to fines or even a jail sentence. The severity of the penalties will generally depend on your driving history and the decision of the court. Any car accidents, irrespective of whether there is bodily injury, which require police investigation are followed by a prosecutor's letter then by a court summons. By Hong Kong law, you must attend court.

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