Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage For Your Vehicle

Third-party vehicle insurance only protects you from legal liability with third-parties, leaving you to foot the bill for fixing your own damaged car and injuries. A comprehensive car insurance plan on the other hand, will cover you, your vehicle, and third-parties with the option to select many more additional benefits. A comprehensive policy can include following:

  • No Claims Discount (NCD) protection – your NCD record can be carried forward when you renew your car insurance in the light of claims made within the previous policy year. This is provided that no third parties were injured in the claim and that the value claimed is not more than 15% of the insured amount.
  • Damaged Windscreens can be repaired or replaced without having to apply for an excess or without this affecting your NCD, as long as the amount is HKD $5000 or less. Please be aware this benefit may only be applicable provided that your windscreen is fixed by one of the insurer's approved windscreen repairers.
  • If your vehicle has been damaged beyond repair and been declared a total loss, a monetary amount equating to the value of an identical model will be given with no depreciation applied to replace your car. This is provided in the condition that your car is less than a year old from the first registration date. We would like to emphasize that your vehicle's first registration must be done in less than 12 months from its manufacturing date.
  • Some insurers may offer vehicle towing coverage if your car has broken down on the roadside and cannot be repaired.

Personal Accident Cover

If you are looking for more extensive coverage, Kwiksure can offer extra personal accident cover. This will provide you with better medical coverage in general as well as with roadside assistance if you find yourself stranded on the motorway. Furthermore, you do not even need to have an existing policy with Kwiksure to apply for personal accident cover as it will serve as a separate addition on top of your current policy.

With Kwiksure, there are essentially three different levels of cover to choose from: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with each level corresponding to the degree of coverage available. For example, the Gold and Platinum policies offer 24 hour emergency assistance and towing. Please note that accident cover is only available to private cars. Feel free to speak to one of our experienced advisors if you are a private car owner and are interested in obtaining extra cover for yourself and your family.


If you are involved in an accident, the police will be required to investigate the incident. Upon completion of their investigation, prosecution procedures will be initiated with a prosecutor’s letter being sent to all parties involved. Simultaneously, a summons letter will be sent to the party determined to be at fault with a court date set. Please note that under a comprehensive plan: If the outcome is not your fault, you cannot withdraw claims given that repairs may have already been carried out. If you would like to know more about claims, please visit our Claims Centre.

What is not covered by comprehensive car insurance?

It is important to note that very few car insurance companies are willing to insure motor vehicles over 10 years old. Some providers may even exclude cars aged five years or over from comprehensive coverage. Those that are eligible for comprehensive car insurance may have a premium loading applied to their policy in exchange for cover. The exact monetary amount may vary between policyholders and will be dependent on the vehicle type, car performance and driver history. Other exclusions are likely to include destruction and injuries due to being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you choose to utilize your vehicle for activities that are not covered by your comprehensive policy, your insurer will not be liable should you get into an accident that causes bodily injuries or property damage.

Looking for the best Comprehensive car insurance in Hong Kong?

Kwiksure has a range of plans available to protect your vehicle, both third-party insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Get a free quote now with our online quotation tool, or contact our team of insurance expert advisors to learn more about Kwiksure's car insurance plan