What affects the cost of towing service in Hong Kong?

What affects the cost of towing service in Hong Kong?

Hopefully, there will never be a time when you have to call up for roadside assistance and request to have your vehicle towed to the nearest garage in Hong Kong. However, in the event that you do need a towing service because of a car breakdown, or getting caught in a road accident, then having vehicle towing coverage will be most vital to take your car away.

For drivers, choosing an appropriate car insurance plan to include a vehicle towing service isn’t difficult, especially with the help of a reputable insurance broker like Kwiksure. In this article, we will present a few questions that are commonly asked by towing services that drivers should be aware of when contacting for road assistance.

Common questions asked by local towing services

It is important to bear in mind the types of questions that towing services in Hong Kong will ask about your car or situation, as these will likely affect the cost of the towing service, such as:

  • Was your car involved in an accident?

If your car was involved in an accident, then it is likely that the car may have been damaged to a certain degree. The degree of damage depends on the extent of the accident, like whether the impact was light or heavy. In this case, the towing service will have to make decisions on how safely and appropriately the vehicle can be towed away. Depending on the state of the car, options to transport the car could involve one of the following:

  1. Flatbed tow truck
  2. Integrated tow truck
  3. Hook and chain tow trucks
  4. Wheel-lift tow truck

The above types of towing trucks will have different call-out costs as they specialize in different situations and for vehicles. 

  • Is your towing request an emergency requirement?

If you have just suffered an unexpected breakdown or an unfortunate road accident, and you would like the towing service to immediately provide assistance, then the rate at which they attend can also affect the cost of towing. For emergencies, this would mean an immediate response and lead to a higher call-out cost, than a non-urgent request.

  • Where do you want us to tow your vehicle?

A general rule of thumb is that the further the distance your car needs to be towed away, the more expensive the service will be, and vice versa. 

  • Where is the location of your vehicle now?

Similar to the above, if your vehicle is considered far to pick up from the location of the towing service, and the towing service is required to pick up your vehicle. The overall costs can be higher when compared to a shorter pick up distance.

  • Are the keys to your car with you?

This is quite an arbitrary factor to consider, but without a key to your car, the towing service may find accessing or transporting your vehicle more difficult.

  • Does your car have operable wheels?

If your car was involved in an accident with the wheels affected, then it could make towing more difficult. A specialist towing truck or specialist vehicle may be required to lift and transport the car. In this case, the cost of calling out the appropriate vehicle to assist could cost more.

Does my car insurance cover tow service?

While tow-trucks or specialist towing vehicles are helpful in an emergency situation, the overall cost of requesting for their services can be expensive. Fortunately, with the right car insurance plan, your vehicle may be covered. It is therefore imperative that you read the terms and conditions of your car policy, and know what is and isn’t covered in terms of towing your vehicle.

Generally, almost all third-party car insurance policies will not cover towing. On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance policies will offer at least 24-hour assistance to vehicles. Again, it is important to read the clauses, as some plans only provide towing services for cars that are involved in accidents and not to those that breakdown due to mechanical failure.

How can comprehensive car insurance help me?

By offering more extensive cover than third party only and third party fire and theft policies, comprehensive car insurance covers everything that third party policies cover (including fire and theft), while also protecting the driver’s own vehicle.

Benefits of getting comprehensive car insurance

  • No claims (bonus) discount
  • Vehicle towing and roadside assistance
  • Cover for damaged windscreens
  • Monetary payouts for totaling your vehicle
  • Cover for flood damage and fire damage 
  • Replacement of your car should it get stolen 

Find out more about towing services and roadside assistance

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