Top 10 weirdest travel insurance claims

Top 10 weirdest travel insurance claims

While it's natural to expect great, fun times when you’re finally on holiday, you just never know what’s around the corner. Here at Kwiksure, we deal with numerous insurance claims every day, and other than the mundane claims for lost baggage and travel delays, there are also some more blizzard and unusual claims. Sometimes, these holidaymakers were really faced with a disaster scenario; but at other times, they just failed to come up with a sensible story to file a claim.

Today, we take a look at some of the weirdest travel insurance claims that may just crack you up, and explain why you need travel insurance.

Top 10 weirdest travel insurance claims

No. 10

A lady reading under a palm tree was hit by a falling coconut and subsequently hospitalized. Luckily, all of her medical costs were covered.

No. 9

A man was distracted by a group of girls donning bikinis and smashed into a bus shelter in Athens.

No. 8

A postman sneezed too powerfully while bending down to deliver a letter. He suffered a severe back injury as a result and had to cancel his holiday.

No. 7

Two childrenburied their parent’s video camera in the sand and went for a swim. They couldn’t remember where they buried it after they came back from their swim. Fortunately, they got the full £600 in compensation.

No. 6

A bride caught on fire when her dress came slightly too close to the BBQ. Naturally, the synthetic material would catch on fire. In the end, her loving husband resorted to picking her up and throwing her into the sea. Thankfully, the insurance paid out for the disaster.

No. 5

After a whole day of traveling, a tired tourist woke up in the middle of the night, only to find a bat in his hotel room. He tried to shoo it away with a pillow. He was worried that he was bitten since he found marks on his skin, and lodged claims for a rabies shot.

No. 4

A newlywed couple headed to Thailand, where the bride underwent liposuction. She reacted adversely to the procedure, which led to extensive medical expenses for hospitalization. However, she was not able to receive compensation for her expenses as elective surgery is not deemed an emergency medical treatment and is therefore not covered.

No. 3

A pensioner lost his dentures over the side of a cruise ship while he was throwing up due to a bout of seasickness, while another cruise passenger also lost his fake teeth when a great gust of wind whipped them out of his mouth. 

No. 2

A couple on a hunting tour in North Queensland escaped when they felt they had become their tour guide's main targets. Unfortunately, their claims for the cancellation of the tour was rejected as there was no evidence to show that they were in real danger.

No. 1

A traveler visited a brothel in West Africa and suffered a heart attack. While the insurer is willing to reimburse his medical expenses, the cost of his visit to the brothel was not covered.

Why you need travel insurance

Travel insurance is often the last thing we think of when planning a trip. Perhaps it’s the sense of relaxation associated with beaches and shopping galore that makes travelers throw caution to the wind. However, not securing any form of insurance is, in fact, the biggest gamble one can make. Here are some reasons why you should take out travel insurance.

Medical emergencies can be extremely expensive

Sometimes, it’s not only about money, but a matter of life and death. Emergency medical care can ensure that you get the right treatment without having to worry about medical costs at a foreign hospital. It can also provide you with assistance services, such as language support and emergency evacuation. 

Travel-related benefits

No matter whether it’s flight delays or cancellation, lost baggage or personal documents, travel insurance can safeguard you against all the trivial mishaps or unforeseen events so that you can ascertain your vacation won’t be ruined by any sudden expenses or bills.

Travel insurance is mandatory in some countries

In some countries, travel insurance is a prerequisite before you are even allowed to enter. Some may even impose a certain benefit limit requirement. And should you arrive without a proper travel insurance plan, you will be forced to secure one or face rejected entry. Countries that require compulsory travel insurance include Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Poland,  Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey, just to name a few.

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