The Health Risks for Children in Hong Kong

Stories of successful weight loss may seem impressive at first, but can be incredibly dangerous depending on how you go about losing weight. One of the most obvious and healthy ways to lose weight is by going to the gym and having a good diet plan created by a professional. Juice cleanses, slimming centers and diet pills have been on the rise in recent years, especially in Hong Kong, but are they good for you and are they safe?

Diet pills are a very common solution for people who have tried to lose weight and aren't getting results as fast as they'd like, but many of these pills on the market are untrustworthy as they can become addictive. Some may even contain illegal or poisonous substances. Diet pills are designed to suppress your cravings and increase your metabolism, but this isn't good for your health. Some pills can contain an array of poisonous and harmful chemicals, which can cause many health problems later on. Not only have they been known to raise blood pressure, but even cause heart problems.

With adverts all over Hong Kong, including online and on many Hong Kong forums, it can be confusing as to which are legal, and which are illegal. Instead of replying to a misleading advert you found online, consider going to Mannings or Watsons for vitamins that can help with weight loss instead of specific weight loss supplements. Not convinced? In 2010, researchers from Princess Margaret Hospital conducted a study of 81 products that had been taken by 66 patients who had come into the hospital for poisoning. The results were shocking. They found two or more pharmaceutical agents in 61 supplements they tested and one patient even died. It's simply not worth risking your health and even your life to save a little money. Consult a professional dietician or nutritionist and lose weight a safer way.

Slimming centers have been around in Hong Kong for some time and you can find many around Central, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. Not long ago they started to hit the headlines as some had been offering free courses to women, which required a large deposit that was often never returned. Not only that, but according to nutritionists, the slimming center's claims are very questionable and some can be considered fraudulent. There was even a press release from Hong Kong Consumer Council, which explored some claims from beauty centers. One specific case involves a center that was offering slimming treatments that lasted 45 minutes and were claiming it was the equivalent of 300 sit-ups.

There have been many stories from women in forums explaining about their experience at slimming centers. Some staff at certain centers have been known to push for a sale and are very much focused on hard selling. Once a woman has shelled out a couple of thousand for one set of treatments, the centers suggest purchasing other treatments for problems that simply don't exist. Some owners of the slimming center's have even admitted they receive many complaints, so be careful when looking at private gyms and beauty center's.

Weight loss in Hong Kong can be a difficult subject, as many people are accused of being obese, not only by slimming center's but also by personal trainer's when in actual fact there's a big difference between needing to lose a pound or two to being obese. Slimming centers can play on this, so it's probably best to stay away from them altogether. Advertising around Hong Kong can also be confusing as there are a huge amount of adverts promoting slimming centres in the MTR, on buses and even on the streets. Many people have mixed feelings and experiences in slimming center's, so it's better to avoid them and consider joining a gym or consulting a nutritionist. That way you can be sure that your money is being put to good use and to a more trustworthy business.

Juice cleanses are amongst the top unsafe weight loss schemes as these must be done properly. What is meant by properly means consulting a nutritionist or dietitian before starting a cleanse and being careful. Cleanses are only supposed to be a temporary process which can range from three to ten days, any longer than that can be dangerous. Some nutritionists have said that juice cleanses and diet shakes can be unsuitable for active people as a daily cleanse contains roughly 800-1200 calories. People with a busy or active lifestyle should consider doing a cleanse for a shorter amount of time due to this to avoid problems such as dizziness or even fainting.

Some cleanses claim to really help with weight loss, but according to experts is not necessarily the case. There tends to be more focus on vitamins and getting rid of toxins when doing a cleanse, but experts say that our liver and kidneys already do a good enough job of eliminating unwanted waste in the body. Diet shakes and cleanses don't have devastating affects on the body, providing the cleanse is only done for a short time and the body receives its daily nutrients.

There are more healthier ways to lose weight instead of turning to pills and dangerous slimming center's. Analyze your eating habits and lifestyle as many people in Hong Kong work late, which results in eating even later. Consider having a salad or lighter meal as an evening meal if you finish work late. Also, green tea has been known to increase your metabolism, so replacing your usual coffee with a tea that speeds up digestion and genuinely has natural ingredients is a much safer way to lose weight.