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Forms to show insurance

By working with Hong Kong's top car insurance providers, Kwiksure is able to offer the best insurance solutions to drivers on the road. This, combined with knowledgeable staff, has led to the company being among the biggest car insurance brokers in…

5 road rules you may not know

Road sign indicating caution

There are a number of road rules for situations we rarely, or may never face while driving. Knowing these is important, as it could help reduce the chances of an accident while also making you…

Does your insurance cover car rentals?

Image of toy car on holiday

There is a good chance that you will be renting a car for some or all of a future holiday. If you are planning to rent a car, here is a brief guide covering things you should consider before picking your rental up.


Will drink driving impact your car insurance?

While on the decline, drink driving (or drunk driving as it is also commonly referred to as) is still an issue in Hong Kong. In this article, we cover the penalties associated with it, and how a conviction can impact your insurance.

3 Reasons You Need Golf Insurance This Summer

Golfing accidents can be hilarious, here’s proof. But accidents can also be very serious -- and costly. And while everyone looks forward to getting out for 18 holes while the sun is shining…

Buying a Second Hand Car in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a high turnover in the second-hand car market. If you have decided to buy a used car privately, that is, not from a locally registered dealership who usually handles registration and licensing of the vehicle, there is a process you need to be aware of before you can drive away in your newly acquired car. While fairly straightforward, Kwiksure has created this easy to follow article with step-by-step suggestions.

7 Tips to Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

Buying, or owning a car in Hong Kong is not cheap, especially when it comes to car insurance. Regardless of whether you get the mandatory third party insurance, or comprehensive insurance, you are going to face potentially high premiums. Luckily, there are a number of options that can help reduce your overall premiums. Here are seven.

All You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Classic Car Show and Vintage Festival

Lots of things in Hong Kong are old, but very few can be called vintage – and even fewer are in perfectly restored or preserved condition. But this autumn, the public is invited to come and feast its eyes (and stomachs and eardrums) on some of Hong Kong’s best classic cars, motorcycles, and auto-mobilia.



Top Three Family-Friendly Vehicles in Hong Kong for 2014

Despite its diminutive size, Hong Kong is full of people in love with their cars. And while it’s the flashy sports cars and extreme luxury sedans that usually get most of the attention, the reality is that most residents are just wanting to get from one place to another affordably…

Starting Up a Business? The Ins and Outs of Business Insurance

Taking the leap from being an employee to an employer or someone who is self-employed should not be taken lightly. It takes a lot of hard work, plenty of thought, long hours and even some courage to start up your own business. And, you need to find the right insurance policy to safeguard your new enterprise.