Intelligent parking ticket robots to monitor traffic violations in Hong Kong starting in early September


The shortage of parking spaces in Hong Kong has drivers parking their vehicles illegally. According to a traffic report, Hong Kong police have issued 3.3 million parking tickets in one year (2021). In addition, the fees collected under the violation of parking rules added up to HKD $1 billion. 

Hong Kong police have invested in intelligent parking ticket robots to tackle the problem of illegal parking. The robots will be able to issue parking tickets efficiently and reduce the need for human resources. Read on to learn more about intelligent parking robots and their duties. 

AI-powered robots will catch traffic violations 24/7. However, the decision to prosecute will remain manual 

According to an HK01 update, the traffic branch of Hong Kong Island Police has the intelligent traffic robots up for trial in two of the city’s busiest junctions. Currently, the robots are being tested twice a week, and the data is not used for any official or law enforcement purposes. 

The robots are being tested in the following junctions:

  1. Junction of Hennessy Road, Tin Lok Lane & Marsh Road in Wan Chai 

  2. Junction of Shau Kei Wan Road and Tai Hang Road in Sai Wan Ho 

Equipped with HD cameras, 4G wireless transmission, and AI image analysis - the robots are designed with futuristic software that identifies license plates and traffic violations.

The robots will be able to recognize a traffic violation when they spot one. For example, the software will be able to identify illegal parking on yellow grids, double yellow lines, and bus stops and record videos of vehicles that are parked illegally for longer than 10 seconds. 

Note that the robots can also differentiate between vehicles. However, they will not recognize parked buses, emergency vehicles, and vehicles with permits (e.g., Armour cash carrier) as violating the law.

The traffic police are working closely with the Hong Kong Productivity Council to ensure that the intelligent parking robots are thorough and efficient. The new system is expected to be up and running by early September 2022 and will soon be implemented in other parts of Hong Kong. 

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