Top 10 weirdest home insurance claims in 2018

Top 10 weirdest home insurance claims in 2018

Imagine returning home after a long honeymoon trip with your significant other, only to find out that the entire apartment is wrecked and flooded due to a burst water pipe. Without proper home insurance, you will be landed with a large bill for the extensive damage. But if you think things couldn’t be worse and you’re the most unfortunate person on earth, think again.

Be it a residence you’re currently dwelling in, or an apartment you’ve rented out, home insurance, in nature, is designed to protect policyholders against a whole host of risks, from the run-of-the-mill types of perils such as fire, floods, and burglary, all the way to the more unusual calamities like rampant cows and grilled false teeth. As a leading broker with over 19 years' experience, there’re not that many local claims that can surprise our claims team at Kwiksure, but some dramatic accidents on the other side of the world indeed go beyond our imagination.

In this week’s article, we will rank the top 10 quirkiest home insurance claims in 2018, and offer some handy tips on buying home insurance.

Peculiar home insurance claims

No. 10

A snail devoured a £78 carpet in the home of a 73-year-old man from Preston in Lancashire.

No. 9

A woman turned her hardwood floor into a bowling alley to practice her game but the floors could not withstand the heavy impact. She filed a claim to her insurer, asserting that the floor’s damage was due to the hardwood not being hard enough instead of the result of the bowling ball. Of course, she was not able to get any reimbursement in the end.

No. 8

A swan didn’t take notice of a set of high voltage power cables ahead and flew straight into it. The swan had the shock of its life and crashed through the roof of a home underneath, leaving a substantial hole at the scene. Luckily, the owner was paid by the insurer and was able to quickly fix the hole.

No. 7

A proud grandfather in Essex held his baby grandson up to show him off to his friends over Skype. The baby then threw up on the laptop and caused £437 worth of damage.

No. 6

An owner of a holiday home in Spain let it to a group of young people for two weeks, only to find sand and water leaking out of the door upon return. The youngsters explained that the local beach 'hadn’t lived up to their expectations' and they were trying to make one indoors.

No. 5

In Yorkshire, a family was shocked when the bath fell through the bathroom floor into the dining room below. It was subsequently found by a plumber that a slow leak had caused the chipboard floor to perish over time.

No. 4

Holiday guests staying in a Spanish property moved items of furniture (including a sofa, single bed, and chest of drawers) from inside into the shallow end of the swimming pool. The guests were said to be under the influence of alcohol when rearranging the furniture so they ‘couldn’t remember’ why they had done it.

No. 3

The third place belongs to a passionate couple who had such fierce sex that the wooden floor of their bedroom was badly scratched due to the vehement grinding of the bed. The bed was later broken, as well as the bedside lamp and bedside table.

No. 2

The runner up goes to a poor holiday homeowner, who found blood splattered all over the carpets and walls of his place following a rental. He even discovered in the bin a makeshift cardboard coffin containing a pig’s head, which suggested a sacrifice had taken place in his property.

No. 1

The winner goes to an Italian holiday property owner in Italy, who was astonished to find out that his guests had turned his house into a brothel during the four-week rental stint, resulting in the need for a deep clean and replacement of soft furnishings.

What should you consider when purchasing home insurance?

While a considerable proportion of these cases takes place in holiday homes and is hardly the norm, these quirky claims once again demonstrate how difficult it is to take extra precautions to cover all possible mishaps. At the end of the day, things could go wrong in every imaginable and unimaginable way. Therefore, purchasing home insurance is a sensible option to protect your valuable property, especially if you are going to be away for a while or renting it out.

In this section, we will discuss some key tips for you to make a more educated decision when selecting home insurance.

First, understand your insurance needs since different policies have their own scopes of coverage. You may not always require the priciest plan to adequately cover your property.

Second, home insurance is pretty flexible so it pays to compare different plans to determine the one that best meets your needs and budget. You can even tailor coverage to cover certain types of risks if you need to.

Third, read through the terms and conditions thoroughly and pay extra attention to the benefit limits, exclusion items, excesses and deductibles. Excesses and deductibles are the amounts you have to pay in advance before you can lodge a claim to the insurer. They are the most common cost-sharing strategies adopted to reduce premiums. Usually, the higher the excesses and deductibles are, the lower the premium will be.

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