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The most expensive license plate combinations in Hong KongSo who holds the plate numbers from 1 to 10?Quick summary of PVRM regulations
盤點全港最貴車牌 + 1 - 10 號車牌誰屬?

The most valuable license plates in Hong Kong

These days, creative vehicle license plates, such as "1MAG1NE", "OK LA" and "TAX1", are a common sight in Hong Kong, and we have our Transport Department (TD) to thank for this relatively new phenomenon. Since TD launched the Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Scheme (PVRM Scheme) in 2006, auctions have been held every January, May, and September - where PVRMs as well as more traditional license plate numbers go to the highest bidders.

Many local magnates and celebrities like to personalize their vehicles with a PVRM. Following the scheme’s launch more than 15 years ago, many license plate combinations have been auctioned off for prices that are nothing short of breathtaking. Today we will take stock of the most expensive license plate combinations in Hong Kong.

The most expensive license plate combinations in Hong Kong

According to the TD, the most expensive license plate combination ever in Hong Kong is the "W" license plate, which went to a man for a hefty HKD $26 million at the 2021 Chinese New Year license plate auction - more than 5,000 times the reserve price of HKD $5,000. In second place is the "28" plate number that was auctioned in 2016. Holding on to third place is the "18" plate number, which was won by Cheung Ching Kwong, aka the "God of Shares from Stanley", in 2008.

License plate combination

Final auction price (in HKD)


$26 million


$18.1 million


$16.5 million


$13 million


$13 million


$9.5 million


$9.3 million

盤點全港最貴車牌 + 1 - 10 號車牌誰屬?


盤點全港最貴車牌 + 1 - 10 號車牌誰屬?

So who holds the plate numbers from 1 to 10?

Plate number Holder
1 Commissioner of Police
2 Originally reserved for the Financial Secretary, it was acquired by businessman Wong Ming Hung for HKD $9.5 million in 1993
3 Acquired by real estate businessman Cheng Kung See for HKD $1.03 million in 1983
4 Acquired by Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung, Chairman of Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Limited, for HKD $147,000 in 1978
5 Acquired by Joseph Lau Luen-Hung, former chairman of Chinese Estates Group, for HKD $2.5 million in 1993
6 Acquired by Sir Run Run Shaw aka “Uncle 6”, late former chairman of Television Broadcasts Limited, in 1978 for HKD $330,000
7 Heng Ji Kau, aka the "King of Stock Speculation", won the bid for HKD $4.8 million in 1989; after Heng’s passing, the license number is now held by his daughter-in-law Leung Yee Lai
8 Acquired by Bossini founder Law Ding Bon in 1988 for HKD $5 million
9 Acquired by Albert Yeung Sau-Shing, Chairman of Emperor Group, for HKD $13 million in 1994
10 Acquired by renowned accountant Yung Wing Dou for HKD $206,000 in 1977

Quick summary of PVRM regulations

Under the regulations of the TD, a PVRM must:

(1) Consists of no more than 8 English letters, numbers, and/or spaces

(2) Comply with the basic regulations relating to combinations

You may enter your desired license plate combination via the PVRM portal to see if it complies with the regulations.

If your application is successful, you can pay a HKD $5,000 deposit to attend the auction. If there are no competing bids for your dream license combination, it will be allocated to you for a special fee of HKD $5,000 (the deposit of HKD $5,000 paid at the time of application will be treated as payment for the special fee). On the other hand, if you are outbid at the auction, the Treasury will send a deposit refund cheque to you by mail within 8 weeks.


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