The top automotive technologies of 2019

top automotive technologies 2019

These days, new car buyers don’t have to spend as much time looking under the hood as they do inspecting the technology inside. While the powertrain is still important, the way the driver and passengers interact with the increasingly advanced automobiles available nowadays is even more so. In this Kwiksure article, we’ll take a look at the top automotive technologies of 2019 so you know what to look for when purchasing a new car. 

Multi-angle camera system 

Automobile insurance claims from low-speed accidents are common in the insurance industry. Typically taking place during parking, a multi-angle camera system makes it easier for drivers to gauge the size of their vehicle and avoid a collision. The cameras, which are fitted at various points, also make it possible for drivers to see views that would otherwise be hidden by blind spots. 

What’s more, 360-degree camera systems enable your car’s display to show your vehicle and surroundings from above, which comes in handy while parking in tight spaces, parallel parking, and more. The systems continue to drop in price and are readily available on many moderately priced cars nowadays. 

Smartphone connectivity 

Whether you choose to connect via Android Auto, Apple Carplay, or a connected smartphone app from the carmaker, smartphone connectivity lets you connect your car and smartphone so you can see all the info on the car’s screen. When using smartphone connectivity, you don’t need to hold your phone in your hands while driving. This technology can prevent accidents that may occur while you try to access your device and drive at the same time, making it a must for modern drivers. 

Teen driver technology 

Designed to help teenagers drive safely, teen driver technology eases parents’ worries whenever they hand over the keys to the car. Featuring built-in limitations, teen driver technology can prevent the car from going over a certain speed, disable the stereo while driving, send notifications for certain activities, and more. It can even provide a report card that offers feedback on their driving skills. 

Wireless charging 

As one of the latest technologies found in cars, being able to charge your phone wirelessly while driving lets drivers focus on the road. Gone are the days of checking whether your device is actually charging or fumbling around looking for a cable when your phone is about to run out of battery. Thanks to wireless charging, you can just put your phone in the charging slot and leave it to charge. 

Vehicle tracking software 

Worrying about your lost or stolen vehicle is now a thing of the past with vehicle tracking software. This innovative technology tracks your car’s live location so you can find it whenever you need to. 

Technology systems such as BMW’s ConnectedDrive combine the vehicle’s security and assistance systems to provide concierge, diagnostics, and post-crash notifications for alerting rescue services. It also comes with other security features that can be used to let law enforcement know where your stolen vehicle is being held. 

Cruise control 

Commuting isn’t much fun. However, advanced driver assist systems such as cruise control certainly make the experience less stressful. Cruise control uses an array of built-in sensors to maintain the same speed as the car in front of you, so you don’t have to keep hitting the gas and brake pedals while driving on the highway. 

To top it off, some systems can even bring the car to a complete stop and start it up again automatically, which makes stop-and-go traffic much more tolerable. While the idea of letting your car take the wheel might make you feel anxious, it’s worth giving it a shot. 

Automatic emergency braking 

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) uses a combination of sensors to detect whether a forward collision crash is about to happen. If a crash is imminent, it applies the brakes to decrease the severity of the crash, or avoid it entirely. Designed as a last resort, AEB is not something you should rely on on a regular basis. Since this technology could mean the difference between life and death, it is definitely one worth investing in. 

Lane departure warning

Any driver can get distracted. Whether you take your eyes off the road to change the radio station or check on your crying child, most of us are guilty of getting distracted at some point while driving. Lane departure warning systems warn you whenever you move into the wrong lane. 

Made up of cameras and sensors, the system gives audible or visual notifications to let you know you’ve crossed into the other lane. Some systems even send a vibration through the steering wheel or seat. When using a directional, the system turns off to avoid accidental engagement. 

With all these impressive technologies making their way into the automotive industry in 2019, it’s exciting to think about what the new year will bring. But until then, choose one of our top automotive technologies you like best and add it to your new car to improve your experience and perhaps even save a life. 

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