Top 10 weirdest motor insurance claims

Top 10 weirdest motor insurance claims

As motor insurance specialists and assessors, we at Kwiksure deal with many motor insurance claims every day. While the inconvenient truth is that most of these claims are humdrum and mundane, involving only fender benders and minor dings and scratches, in some rare occasions, there are indeed some bizarre, off-the-wall claims that are ones for the books. 

In this Kwiksure article today, we will round up the quirkiest automobile insurance claims that can surely raise a smile.

Peculiar motor insurance claims


A driver ran over a dead deer lying on the highway and got stuck. Her car was then struck by a semi causing a whole lot more damage. Luckily, she was not injured.


For some unknown reason, a naked pedestrian decided to jump on the bonnet of a car, leaped onto the roof, jumped up and down and then ran away.


A fisherman was dumbfounded when he returned from a trip to the coast, only to find that salt from the ocean air had stuck to his car and a herd of cattle had mistaken it for a salt lick and chewed up the rubber on his car.


A driver smoked a cigarette and then tossed the cigarette out of his car window, which accidentally set off the thousand dollars of fireworks in his trunk.


A young valet took a Maserati parked in his parking garage out for a test drive. But he crashed into a Jeep, which totaled another nearby Porsche 365SC Coupe.


A car was towed to a service station after its engine overheated and became inoperable. It was subsequently found that a snake had wrapped its way around the drive-belt pulleys, which caused the belt to slip off.


A couple, a man and a woman, failed to tie their mattress securely to the top of their SUV. The mattress dropped in the middle of the highway and caused a three-way crash. The female driver fled the scene, while her male passenger tried to follow suit by stowing away on the car of a passerby.


A man claimed for heavy hail damage to his car but was rejected because the damage was perfectly symmetrical. The client then filed another claim saying that a stranger attacked his car with a ball-peen hammer. Since the insurer could not prove that the damage was self-inflicted, they were forced to pay the claim.


A rich motorist mixed up the accelerator with the brake and damaged another two race cars in the parking lot, which were also owned by him. Luckily, he had bought comprehensive insurance for all these three cars and was able to get the claims.


A woman alleged that she mistook a bottle of shampoo for a container of gasoline and filled her car with premium-grade Herbal Essence. 

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As hilarious and odd as the above accidents may sound, they once again underscore the importance of securing a motor insurance plan to protect yourself from unforeseen personal injuries and property damages. While Hong Kong laws mandate drivers should at least secure third-party insurance for their cars, most likely you will find it’s comprehensive motor insurance that can give you truly sufficient protection. 

For example, in the case where the rich motorist damaged his own cars. He would not receive any compensation from the insurance company should he had only taken out third-party insurance for his three cars. This is because insurers will not take vehicles owned by the same driver as third-party’s vehicles.

If you’re involved in an accident, no matter how strange the situation might be, as a driver you should stay calm and safe and contact the police, as well as the insurer, as soon as possible. You may also want to read our infographic on what to do in a car accident for more in-depth information.

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