Tips for motorcycle and motor tricycle driving tests in Hong Kong

Tips for motorcycle and motor tricycle driving tests in Hong Kong

The streets of Hong Kong have been filled with motorcycles and motor tricycles for many decades, but that doesn’t mean getting a motorcycle and motor tricycle drivers’ license is easy. Many veteran drivers today will be able to tell you that they, or people they know, have had to retake driving tests in the city after failing their first try. 

In light of this issue, our experts at Kwiksure have compiled a concise list of the most important things you need to know before taking your first motorcycle and motor tricycle driving test in Hong Kong. 

What does a motorcycle driving test in Hong Kong involve? 

Like in many other countries, there are many parts to Hong Kong’s motorcycle and motor tricycle driving test. Specifically, there are three: 

  1. Part A Test - Written test
  2. Part B Test - Competence test
  3. Part C Test - Road test 

However, before taking these three tests, you will have to do a short vision test. During the vision test, you will be required to read at a distance of 23 meters in good daylight. If you’re short-sighted, long-sighted, or have astigmatism, there’s no need to worry as the test allows candidates to wear glasses or other corrective lenses. 

Part A Test - Written Test

The written test in Hong Kong is relatively short - there are only 20 questions. Candidates must get at least 16 of these 20 answers correct in order to pass the test. 

Part B Test - Competence Test

The Part B Test is your chance to show off your basic driving skills, letting the examiner of the Transport Department know that you can hold your own when riding a motorcycle or motor tricycle. During this test, you’ll be doing various driving exercises on a designated compound, away from a public road. There, you will be asked to do various tasks, including: 

  • Starting the engine
  • Moving off
  • Pulling up
  • Turning left
  • Turning right
  • Stopping in emergency
  • Correct signaling

Part C Test - Road Test 

In the final part of the test, you take your examiner out for a spin. Much like going on a first date, the examiner will be accessing you with a pre-determined set of criteria as you drive along the road, facing red lights, junctions, and roundabouts. 

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How do I get my motorcycle and tricycle license in Hong Kong? 

After you successfully complete the Part B Test, you may apply for a motorcycle learner’s license. This license will allow you to drive in Hong Kong roads, with various restrictions on time and location.

When you’ve passed the Part C Test (with flying colors, we hope) you can finally apply for a proper license. You can simply contact the Licensing Office of the Transport Department 7 working days after passing the test to apply for the license. Keep in mind that your first license will be a probationary driving license.

You’ll have to carry a probationary license for 12 months before being able to apply for a full driving license for the respective class of your vehicle. 

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What you need to take the test

There are 2 things you need to bring with you on your test day - your test vehicle and documents. Let’s go through the details of these two requirements to ensure that you’re allowed to take the driving test after arriving at the Driving Test Center

Test vehicle requirement

Having the right kind of vehicle is extremely important for taking the driving test. If your vehicle does not meet the specific requirements, your driving license may restrict you from driving other types of vehicles that are not of the same or higher class than your test vehicle. 

The following are the test vehicle requirements listed by the Hong Kong Transport Department. 

General requirements

If these requirements are not met, your vehicle will not be accepted for the driving test: 

  • The vehicle is in good mechanical order
  • The vehicle is insured to cover third party risks (including driving test risks)
  • The vehicle has a valid license which is displayed on the left of the vehicle
  • The vehicle has a side-mirror on the right-hand side
  • The vehicle is fitted with a gearbox of at least for forwarding speeds

Motorcycle requirements 

On top of the general requirements, the motorcycle will need: 

  • To be a licensed motorcycle
  • To have a cylinder capacity of no less than 125 cubic centimeters

Motor tricycle requirements

On top of the general requirements, the motor tricycle will need: 

  • To be a licensed motor tricycle
  • To have a cylinder capacity of no less than 90 cubic centimeters 

Documents and Papers

To take the test, you’ll have to present certain documents to the Driving Test Center Office and Driving Examiner to verify your test appointment, identity, and vehicle safety. These documents include: 

  • Test appointment letter
  • Hong Kong ID card or alternative ID document, such as a passport
  • Learner’s driving license (to take Part C Test)
  • Letter of approval for disabled person (if applicable)
  • Valid Third Party Risks Insurance Certificate for the test vehicle which covers driving test risks

Motorcycle and motor tricycle skills required

Here are some short tips of the skills you need to have before taking a motorcycle and motor tricycle test in Hong Kong. Further details on each of these skills are also provided by the Hong Kong Transport Department

  • Preparation before moving off: Make sure you are stood up with the handbrake or footbrake applied before starting the engine.
  • Driving maneuvers and control of speed: Maintain the appropriate coordination of steering wheel, clutch, accelerator, and footbrake throughout various road conditions, such as up and down slopes, road junctions, and roundabouts. 
  • Judging car distance: Keep a safe distance between the car ahead, as well as other vehicles or objects when overtaking or stopping. 
  • Overtaking: Make use of side mirrors to ensure safety before, during, and after overtaking another vehicle.
  • Roundabout and junction rules: Learn to stay in the correct traffic lane and maintain appropriate speed in roundabout and junctions. 
  • The braking system and correct braking procedures: Knowing when to appropriately use the front wheel and rear wheel braking systems. 

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Getting the right kind of motor insurance to take motorcycle and motor tricycle tests in Hong Kong

As mentioned, it is necessary for your test vehicle to have third-party insurance that covers risks associated with driving tests. However, there is plenty of motorcycle and motor tricycle insurance plans out there, all with different exclusions, benefits, and premiums. This makes finding the right plan for your test vehicle while also preparing for the driving test a challenging and laborious task. 

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective motor insurance plan, our experts are Kwiksure are more than happy to help. As Hong Kong’s leading motor insurance broker, we are able to help you find the best motorbike insurance, third-party car insurance, and comprehensive car insurance plans out there. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at any time, or visit our website for a no-obligation, free quote today!

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