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Do you work late or leave your apartment empty very often? Is it hard to find a friend or a neighbor to look after your place while you’re away? Do you still keep any valuables under your bed? While burglary is not the top crime in Hong Kong, securing your apartment in the right way can save you many troubles. In today’s article by Kwiksure, we will share the top ways to secure your home from burglary. 

How do I secure my home from a break-in?

While some break-ins will “only” result in items being stolen, sometimes burglars may also destroy the content of the house or apartment, and windows and doors while trying to break in. Burglars usually go for the cash, valuables, and other easy-to-sell items such as jewelry, watches, and electronics (laptops, tablets, cell phones, and photographic equipment). To prevent this from happening to your home, read our home security tips below. 

Don’t make the obvious mistakes 

The key under the doormat or under the pot? These tactics are outdated and unwise. The list of our carelessness can sometimes be long, and also includes not locking the doors at all, or entering our home but still leaving the house key inserted in the door. Such simple mishaps can cost you a fortune if someone undesirable spots your mistakes. 

Be vigilant 

You should pay attention to people who are hanging around your house or neighborhood. The same applies to people who come to your home, e.g. to make repairs or write the meter. It doesn't hurt to check their identity. Police experience shows that in the case of almost half of the burglaries, someone first appears in the house to conduct so-called theft intel. 

Fake your presence

The bulk of apartment burglaries occur during the nighttime, and especially in those that look dark. So next time you go on holiday or have a long day at work, come up with a way to fake your presence. By setting timers to turn on a TV, radio, and lights, you can fool burglars into thinking your home is occupied when it’s really not.

Befriend your neighbors

There is strength in the community, and making friends with neighbors is probably the most traditional way to counteract theft. Even a regular removal of advertising leaflets from your mailbox and turning on the light from time to time will cause burglars into doubting whether the apartment was left unattended.   

Hide valuables in a safe

Don’t be flashy with your expensive items. Don’t leave electronics, jewelry, cash or important personal documents in plain sight, rather keep them in a household safe, or even better in a bank safe. If putting your valuables out of your home is not an option, then consider home content insurance in Hong Kong, for a maximum level of protection against the loss. 

Invest in anti-burglary equipment 

From reinforcing your doors, buying smart locks and anti-burglar blinds, to installing an anti-burglary security system - your options of transforming your home into a fortress are multiple. 

Get home insurance 

Even the best security measures don't give 100% certainty that nothing from the house will disappear in the absence of the household members. When this happens, owners can receive compensation from the insurance company. Home insurance is another component that can safeguard your finances in case of robbery happens, as it covers the household from multiple mishaps besides burglary. 

How much does home insurance against burglary cost?

One risk factor in your insurance policy may be burglary or robbery. If you decide to buy home insurance, make sure it covers this type of damage. Usually, the protection covers specific items that can be loot for a thief, e.g. valuable jewelry, works of art, electronic equipment and household appliances or collectors' items. The home insurance plan may also apply to windows and doors that will be damaged as a result of a burglary.

The premiums you have to pay will depend on what is covered in your policy and are also influenced by the value and size of the flat and the sum insured. It is worth knowing that the fees may be reduced by the insurer if you have used anti-theft protection in your apartment, e.g. in the form of special windows or doors and an alarm.

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