What every rider should know about motorcycle insurance

stylish man sits atop his motorbike, representing the type of person who needs motorcycle insurance in hong kong

No one likes sitting in traffic. Hong Kong, like many major cities, can often come to a complete standstill during peak hours - whether it’s on the road or on the MTR. For some of us, public transport might not be as convenient as owning our own vehicle, but what can be done about getting stuck in traffic? For many, a motorcycle can be a great alternative to owning a private car. They’re small and compact, they’re zippy, and they’re often small enough to slip through the gaps drivers of bigger vehicles wish they could. This week, Kwiksure discusses what you should know about motorcycle insurance if you want to ride in Hong Kong.

Is there much of a difference between car and motorcycle insurance?

In all honesty, there’s not a lot different between insuring a car or a motorbike. You’ll be offered the same policy regardless of the type of vehicle you present to insurance, however there are some key differences in coverage that only apply to motorcycle owners.

Lower maximum Third Party Property coverage

When you insure a private car, generally the Third Party Property (TPP) coverage will be around HKD 2,000,000. Motorcycle owners, however, often only receive half the amount of coverage - anywhere from HKD 1,000,000 to as low as HKD 750,000.

Authorized repair limits

The authorized repair limit in car insurance policies is the figure companies will automatically accept repair claims for before authorization is needed. For private cars, policies will generally allow for automatic repairs up to HKD 1,000. Motorcycle insurance repair limits can be as low as HKD 200, meaning you’ll likely have to contact your insurer for most repair work related to your bike.

Motorbike learner driver

The one upside to motorcycle insurance plans is that learner drivers have the opportunity to hold insurance in their own right. When holding a learner private car license, instructors are the ones who must hold insurance and bare responsibility for the actions of a beginner driver. Motorcycle learners can purchase their own insurance outright. This will come with a loading, namely an extra fee to recognize the extra risk of a learner driver, but the policyholder will be the learner motorcyclist themselves - not an instructor.

Are there any differences related to the type of motorcycle I buy?

Just like a private car plan, motorcycle insurance premiums will depend on your license, experience and driver history, and the type of bike you own. A 150cc moped is likely to have a lower premium for insurance than, say, purchasing a Ducati Supersport S with an engine boasting 937cc and 110hp. Similarly, the engine and power of your bike will differ between owning a dirt bike, or a mammoth cruiser - meaning so will your insurance. If you’re unsure about what your type of motorcycle insurance your bike might need, give us a call!

Kwiksure: your motoring insurance specialist

Securing third party or comprehensive motorcycle insurance is easy when you use an experienced Hong Kong broker like Kwiksure. Whether you have a sport bike, scooter, moped, cruiser, or hold a learner license, probationary license or full driving license, Our expert consultants know the ins and outs of insurance policies for a range of different vehicle types, and can ensure that you get the sort of coverage you need. For a free quote or to discuss your vehicle insurance requirements, contact the team at Kwiksure today!