Kwiksure selected as the 2019 Best Motor Insurance Broker award winner by Car1

Kwiksure selected as the 2019 Best Motor Insurance Broker award winner by Car1

We are delighted to announce that, after 2016 and 2018, Kwiksure has once again won the Best Motor Insurance Broker award at the 2019 Car1 Hong Kong Best Car Awards.

2019 Car1 Hong Kong Best Car Awards - Best Motor Insurance Broker

This year marks the tenth year of the Car1 Hong Kong Best Car Awards, which are dedicated to acknowledging exceptional car makes and models, fuel products, accessories, and other motoring businesses for their high quality and excellent standards.

The Best Motor Insurance Broker award celebrates the efforts and achievements of motor insurance brokers with outstanding performances. The winner has to be able to help clients cherry-pick the plan that best matches their needs at a competitive price.

Kwiksure has beaten out a number of competitors and garnered this award. Kwiksure General Manager, Ken Chung, believes the key to success is the company’s client-based services. Speaking of the future development of the company, he said that apart from motor insurance (including third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance), the company will also work on motorcycle insurance and other personalized insurance products (such as VHIS, home insurance, and maid insurance, etc).

Stephen, Ho, Marketing Director of Pacific Prime, Kwiksure's mother company, was pleased to be informed the company has been honoured with this great recognition. He attributed this award to the team’s concerted efforts and deep dedication. “Ken and his team possess years of experience in the insurance field. Both frontline salespersons and staff from other departments can listen to the needs of the clients patiently, and offer them impartial and professional insurance advice.”

About Car1 Hong Kong and the Best Car Awards

Car1 Hong Kong is a renowned car forum in Hong Kong, which offers reviews, news and auto-trading services to drivers. Their Best Car Awards have been providing local car enthusiasts with the latest automobile news and information, and helping consumers make the right purchasing decision for years. Upon winning the Best Motor Insurance Broker award, Kwiksure hopes to continue their run at the top for the coming year.

How can Kwiksure assist you?

With 20 years of solid experience, Kwiksure is an established and reputable motor insurance broker in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to offering outstanding services to clients and matching them with the motor insurance that suits their needs and budget. You can use our online quotation system to obtain free quotes.

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