How to choose the right motorcycle helmet


The roads in Hong Kong where traffic jams and rude drivers are common, are not the most motorcycle friendly. ,. We have all read about traffic accidents inthe newspaper where motorcyclists were hit by larger vehicles or collided with a fixed object. At this critical juncture, a suitable and properly donned helmet can often save the life of the motorcyclist. Today, our experts at Kwiksure will briefly introduce how motorcyclists should choose the right helmet.

Types of motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle helmets can be divided into full face helmets, half face helmets, and open face helmets. Although a full face helmet provides the best protection, the motorcyclist may feel very stuffy wearing one, especially during the summer. The open face helmet is more comfortable, but it may not be able to protect the chin in the event of an accident. 

Which helmet you should choose depends on the season, your budget, and driving habits. For example, if you are a new driver who usually drives slowly and only has a limited budget, open face helmets may be a better option.

Motorcycle helmet size

The helmet needs to correctly fit the head to protect the motorcyclist. You can follow the steps below to see if it is right for you.

1. Measure your head size

Use measuring tape to measure your head size. Wrap it around your head, just above the eyebrows, or simply use the largest circumference of your head.

2. Confirm the right helmet size

Choose the size of the helmet that best fits your head circumference. If the helmet does not accurately match your head circumference, you should go for a smaller size as a tight helmet is safer than a loose one.

3. Try on the helmet

Pull off the helmet strap and slide your head into the helmet. Note that you should pull the strap firmly instead of the outer cotton covering, otherwise you may tear it apart.

4. Test it out

Put on the helmet, fasten the strap, and adjust the strap properly, so that you can check whether the size of the helmet is correct.

  • Make sure all helmet paddings fit snugly around your head without causing any discomfort.

  • Check if the helmet gives you enough peripheral vision. Although any helmet will have some degrees of horizontal visual restrictions, it should not distract you or overly restrict your field of vision.

  • Hold the sides of the helmet tightly with your hands, try moving up and down, and rotating the helmet. You should feel the helmet move and rotate with your head. If your helmet moves around easily, that means it is too big.

  • Grasp the chin of the helmet and try to lift it backward. Then, hold the back of the helmet with both hands and try to pull it forward. Again, if you can take it off easily, it is too big or the strap is too loose.

Motorcycle helmet price

A basic helmet for beginners or P-license drivers costs only around HKD $500-$800. After all, all helmets sold in Hong Kong are regulated by law and need to meet certain safety standards. For more information on the standards of Hong Kong-approved protective helmets, please click here.

In addition, some helmets have extra features such as high cotton quality, low wind resistance, and unique design. While different helmets come with different materials, prices, and duration of usage, it is recommended that drivers change their helmet every three to five years.

motorcycle insurance quote

Shop for the right motorcycle insurance policy

Finally, a suitable motorcycle insurance plan is as important as a sturdy helmet. In the event of a traffic accident, motorcycle insurance can protect your financial safety, so you can focus on recovery without worrying about compensating for the other parties.

Like automobile insurance, motorcycle insurance is divided into third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. For more information about No Claim Discounts (NCD), click here.

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