Gear Head Gatherings: Hong Kong’s top annual automotive events

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People in Hong Kong love their hobbies. After all, space is limited in the city, and rather than go stir crazy in our homes, it’s important that we distract ourselves with whatever it is that we’re interested in or passionate about. Being a developed city, it makes sense that people in Hong Kong can get involved in some rather expensive hobbies, and one of the most expensive such hobbies is cars. Regardless of the price tag, it’s undeniable that there are plenty of ‘gear heads’ and ‘grease monkeys’ out there that would rather spend their weekends getting dirty under the hood of their vehicle than go to the beach or play video games.

If you are among this group in Hong Kong, you may be disappointed that there aren’t local car shows to go to on a weekly basis where you can not only show off your pride and joy but also scope out the awesome autos that your peers show off. All that means, then, is that you need to strike while the iron is hot when it comes to auto shows in Hong Kong, and make sure to get out to such events when they occur. Here, Kwiksure is happy to provide car lovers in Hong Kong with an overview of the city’s most popular annual automotive events.

The Hong Kong Car Show

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Late in each year, auto enthusiasts from all over Hong Kong and the great Asia-Pacific region gather at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai for this export celebrating all things auto! Never ones to rest on their laurels, the organizers of the Hong Kong Car Show go the extra mile each year to make sure that they are always bringing something new to the table.

Who it’s for

This event is definitely for the more product-minded car lovers out there. If you dream of checking out brochures of the newest models from your favorite brands and absolutely love drooling over the latest in future car concepts, this is the event for you.

What’s in store

The most recent edition of the Hong Kong Car Show saw sections dedicated to featured and antique cars, diagnostic vehicles and products, automotive beauty and care, overseas automotive products and services, branded cars, automotive electronics products and accessories, automotive consumables and mechanical parts, and motorbikes. Basically, any business in Hong Kong worth mentioning when it comes to the world of cars is on hand.

In addition, there were artist performances from local entertainers, lucky draws, feng shui masters, games, racing simulators, and more!

Formula E racing

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Quickly becoming a yearly tradition for the city, the Hong Kong E-Prix has been the opening event of each year’s Formula E racing season. Due to the popularity the event experienced at first, this event has now been expanded into multiple races for people to enjoy, as fully electric race cars speed around a makeshift race track that is constructed in the heart of Central District. The event has been a resounding success, which has attracted major global sponsors from all sorts of industries.

Who it’s for

Formula E is definitely for gear heads that love the spirit of competition and the thrill of a race well ran. This is a great outdoor event for people who don’t want to view their cars indoors, and is also a great chance to share your hobby with your family, as it has many family-friendly entertainment options available, including the fun of watching the race itself!

What’s in store

First and foremost come the races themselves. Electric racers drive 45 laps starting from Central Harbourfront on a track with a length approaching two kilometers.

Of course, there’s much more to do than simply watch the race. Being an event based on electric vehicles, organizers, teams, and sponsors use the event as an opportunity to promote electric vehicles, and allow race goers to get up close and personal views of the technologies involved.

At the event’s E-Village, the public can enjoy events and activities designed to both inform and entertain. Check out never-before-seen vehicles and technological advancements, try racing simulators, dance along with live performances, and buy limited edition merchandise from the numerous vendors on hand.

Chater Road Classic Car Show

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Hong Kong’s Classic Car Club hosts this annual event that is an excellent opportunity for Hong Kong Island-based car lovers to show off their classic cars, as well as see vintage vehicles presented by their comrades. The event has been around for generations and is one of the social events of the year for local auto enthusiasts.

Who it’s for

If you’re looking for the newest, cutting-edge cars and tech, this is not the event for you. The Chater Road Classic Car Show is definitely for people who appreciate the classic looks and sounds of the cars of yesteryear. Whether you are someone who was driving cars in the 1950s and 60s, or just a person with a great appreciation for vintage autos, this is the place to go for a bit of retro car nostalgia.

What’s in store

Usually, about 100 of Hong Kong’s most rare and flavorful cars are on display at this event. As a free show with an easy-to-get-to location, expect to see people from all walks of life here. Cars on hand will likely date as far back as the 1920s, but you never know exactly what you may find!

Gold Coast Motor Festival

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If you love classic cars, but don’t necessarily care for the hustle and bustle of the most urban parts of Hong Kong, you’re in luck. The New Territories is home to a classic car show of its own! Head on up to the area in Tuen Mun known as the Gold Coast at the right time of the year and you can find the Gold Coast Motor Festival, which is a celebration and exhibition of classic and collectors cars that any vintage auto fan will enjoy.

Who it’s for

The Gold Coast Motor Festival is a great event for those that like to take things slow. Enjoy the lovely natural surroundings of the Gold Coast, and the appealing shopping and beach area that it has, as you peruse the cars on hand at your own pace.  Take your significant other, enjoy a meal at the Gold Coast, and make a day of it!

What’s in store

Here you will find over 60 world class collector and classic vehicles, including vehicles from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Aston Martin, and many more.

Like the other events mentioned above, there is entertainment on hand that has included live jazz and Latin music, and test driving zones from top brands, such as Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche. This is even a great event to take kids to, as there is an art zone they can enjoy, in addition to Gold Coast’s mini electric train.

Protecting your investment

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