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Hong Kong bloggers are some of the city’s most knowledgeable experts in food, fashion, entertainment and more. As air quality in the Fragrant Harbor worsens and possible food waste penalties loom, more individuals are understanding the importance of being active, eating smart and making wise choices for the environment.

Three blogs--Healthy Hong Kong, Green Queen, and Go Green HK--are committed to these principles as well. They share their best advice on how to make the most of a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our environment.

Healthy Hong Kong

Looking for the best vegetarian restaurant in Kowloon? Want the scoop on the latest fitness trends to hit Hong Kong? Healthy Hong Kong, “a health and fitness blog in the city of smog” holds all these answers and more. Here you’ll find simple, healthy recipes (deemed “idiot-proof” for even the most amateur cooks) as well as a run down of Hong Kong’s best gyms and why. Site founder, Erica Fong, offers up her own tips on how to bloom where you’re planted:

  • Try to walk more and take the stairs, especially up and down to the MTR platforms.
  • Find something you love to do to stay active. Hong Kong's got more options than you think, whether it's hiking, trail running, rowing, outdoor bootcamp, muay thai, yoga, etc. Make it a social thing (with friends) and you're more likely to stick with it.
  • Take advantage of all the fresh fruits and juice stands in Hong Kong and try the Five Greens juice (bitter melon, green pepper, green apple, cucumber and celery) to detox and boost your immune system.
  • Make sure your workout gear motivates you! You've gotta look good to feel good -- my faves are Lululemon and Nike's colourful tanks and tights.
  • Try to cut down on meat here as it tends to be questionable (ie. usually from China, eaten by rats first, or have been hanging on hooks in the hot humid weather for God knows how long!).

Green Queen

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sonalie Figueiras, the “Queen” behind the eco-loving blog, Green Queen, realized a deep passion for environmental consciousness after being involved with a green-roof building initiative in 2008. The Green Queen blog is a manifestation of her keen interest in living an environmentally healthy life--everything from where to buy eco-safe baby nappies to local environmental NGO and charity listings can be found on the blog. Years of trying to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible has led Figueiras to find many ways of integrating clean, green habits into her life. Here she shares four easy yet effective ideas on how we, too, can achieve a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • Sign up to HK RECYCLES: I love this social enterprise that employs marginalized underprivileged women to make it easy and painless for busy Hong Kongers to recycle. Plus, they are the only solution to recycle glass in Hong Kong!
  • Join the Green Monday Hong Kong movement and commit to eating vegetarian every Monday. Check their website for participating restaurants.
  • Buy locally made products: I have written an article about this, detailing some of my favourite Hong Kong artisans.
  • Support local farmers and eat cleaner food by ordering weekly produce baskets at Eat Fresh, Homegrown Foods, and The Organic Farm.

Go Green HK

If you care deeply about the environment and are curious about how to create a healthier future for yourself and your family, Go Green HK has a wealth of ideas and articles worth reading. This site looks into the rationale behind important issues such as the environmental impact of closing the Hong Kong Golf Club and the health risks of outsourcing meat production to China. By presenting these affairs with a balanced coverage of facts from both sides, readers can be better informed and educated on what is going on in Hong Kong and how to make the best choice for themselves and ultimately for the future of Hong Kong. In addition to to going out of their way to try healthy and sustainable options, Go Green HK describes themselves as “regular folks” who believe in the power of collective purchasing decisions. They say it sends a message to companies that says,: ‘We care about the planet and so should you’,

Going vegetarian is one such way to make your meals healthy and green. Fai Hui lists some of Go Green’s favorite veggie joints in HK:

  • IPC Foodlab - A farm-to-table restaurant located in Fanling that advocates eating locally grown produce. Their mission is “to reconnect the community with the land.
  • Grassroots Pantry - A Sai Ying Pun cafe and workshop committed to “improving the health and wellness for the community through serving nutritious, homemade, plant-based world dishes.”
  • Light - Also located in Sai Ying Pun, this vegetarian cafe serves up food as colorful as their vibrant decor. Local favorites include the Grilled Portobello Mushroom Salad and the Rainbow Soba.
  • Branto - As their name states, this Tsim Sha Tsui gem prides itself in serving “pure vegetarian Indian food.” With tons of solid Open Rice reviews, it seems they deliver on their name
  • Veggie SF - A great spot for strict vegetarians and those who are trying to wean themselves off meat. Go Green HK recommends their veggie burgers!

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