Top 4 Halloween insurance claims-filing tips

 Top 4 萬聖節保險索償貼士

Halloween is this coming Saturday! Unable to travel in this COVID-19 pandemic? You can still celebrate this holiday at home. Before you start dressing up and asking for candies from your neighbours, do you know that insurance companies receive an increased number of claims filed after Halloween? Today at Kwiksure, our insurance experts will share a few safety tips so you can enjoy yourselves to the fullest this Halloween.

1. Watch out for security risks at home

Kids have the most fun on All Hallow's Eve. However, they're also the ones most likely to get scrapes and bruises from excitedly dashing around and tripping. Even adults may not be exempt from this. After all, it's dark out. At home, you might be hanging Halloween decorations all over your living room too. Unfortunately, you might injure your guests with your good intentions. If worse comes to worst, they might even ask you for medical fees compensation or file a lawsuit against you. 

Lucky for you, most home insurance includes coverage for the third person's injuries and legal liability. This is so that you won't have to pay out-of-pocket. Of course, it's always best to be prepared beforehand. Making sure your house is well-lit and avoiding placing too many decorations or miscellaneous things on the ground goes a long way in making your guests feel safe. Do you have a pet? Keep it locked in a cage or inside a room to prevent it from attacking suspicious-looking guests dressed in costumes.

2. Don't let your decorations catch on fire

Halloween takes place when the weather becomes dry and windy. So, it's not uncommon that Jack-o-lanterns or candles set the house on fire by accident. Don't let the house you've been saving up for goes down in flames just because of one night of fun. Now, that would be a tragedy.

In your home insurance plan, the buildings coverage will pay to rebuild or repair any damages to your home caused by fire. Plus, some insurance plans will even cover the rent of your temporary accommodation during the period when your house undergoes renovation. 

Are you a renter instead? Your landlord has the right to ask for claims for damages to their house. This still applies even if your landlord already has home insurance in place. Also, you should ensure that your own home insurance plan has wide enough coverage.

To prevent accidents, we recommend using electric lights to substitute for actual fires. Instead, purchase appliances from reputable brands. This dramatically reduces the risk of short circuits. Still insist on lighting up real flames? Never leave them unattended or near flammable materials.

3. Prevent your beloved car from being vandalized

It is not common, though not impossible, for drunk passersby to throw eggs or even draw graffiti on your car windows after the Halloween party.

Some comprehensive car insurance plans provide personal accident coverage, which covers the cost of replacing the windshield as well as damage repair. What if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair and is recognized by your insurer as "completely damaged"? You can also receive compensation equal to the value of the car of the same class for replacement of the vehicle in that case.

Of course, if your car has only been scratched, you don't need to file claims. This is because car insurance works under the No Claims Discount (NCD) system. If you're carelessly filing for claims, this will increase your premium rate for next year. In other words, it won't be cheap at all. Parking your car in a covered parking lot can drastically decrease the risk of vandalization. 

4. Watch out for home break-in

Everyone goes out to party on All Hallow's Eve in masks and costumes. If no one stays at home, especially when you live in one of the lower-level flats, the risk of being broken into will increase dramatically.

In addition to the building protection compensation mentioned above, loss and damage to your possessions are another major coverage area. But pay attention to the maximum compensation for each insurance. If you have valuables such as jewelry, antiques, and famous watches in your home, you can purchase other, more suitable insurance plans as protection.

Home and car insurance are a must

Buying insurance as early as possible can ensure a certain level of financial security for you and your family so you can always enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Whether you're buying a home or a car insurance plan, remember to read the terms carefully. Understand the coverage and exclusions to ensure that there is sufficient coverage.

Besides car insurance (third-party and comprehensive), Kwiksure also provides home insurance, motorcycle insurance, VHIS and many more. Use our online quotation system to get a free quote today! Wish to chat with us for personalized advice? Contact our expert insurance advisors now! With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, they're more than happy to help you compare insurance plans.