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So you’ve been reading through some of the guides, had a think about what sort of car insurance coverage you’ll need, and now you’re ready to seek out some car insurance quotes for your vehicle. So where do you start?

Using our Kwiksure comparison tool, you’ll have access to two great things; our extensive range of high quality car insurance products, and our expert insurance advisors. With just a few details, you’ll be well on your way to finding and comparing the best car insurance quotes in Hong Kong! Read further to learn how to get the most out of the Kwiksure comparison tool.

Filling in your details

The first page of our comparison tool is a simple one; here’s where we find out more about you, your vehicle and insurance needs in order to tailor our quotes to your situation.

Kwiksure car insurance quote tool 1


Insurance Details

When asked for your insurance details, you’ll need to specify your Insurance Type; whether you’re interested in third-party or comprehensive car insurance, and then tell us what Sum you intend to have your vehicle coverage insure you for.

If this is your first time purchasing car insurance, then there will not be a No Claims Discount (NCD) that applies. If you’re renewing your policy with us, or are coming to us from another insurer/broker with an NCD, then your NCD will be listed on your renewals invitation or existing policy schedule. If you’re unsure of your NDC status or are looking to transfer an NCD from overseas, please contact us directly to confirm the level of your discount in Hong Kong. 

Car Details

Here’s where you tell us about the vehicle you wish to insure. It’s all fairly straightforward; you tell us the Car Make, the Car Model and the Year of Manufacture of your vehicle. For those of you with a car make and model not available from our drop down menus, you can select Other and a separate input box will allow you to write the details in manually.

Your Vehicle Registration Document (VRD) is the best place to find printed confirmation of your car’s year of manufacture. The manufacture date can be different from the model’s year number, so you can also check the cover of your car manual or the vehicle identification label which is usually found inside your front door.

Main Driver Details

The information request for the Main Driver relates to the person who will be using the vehicle the most. Again, everything is straightforward from Age, Occupation/Industry, and Years of Driving Experience. If your occupation or industry is not listed in our drop down menu, please select the Other option and you will be able to enter your details in manually.

When it comes to your Driving Offence Points, those of you who are unsure can check with the Hong Kong Police website. The question about the main driver’s Accident, Claims or Serious Driving Offence Conviction history means any such incidents that you have been involved with in the past three years. This includes all accidents, regardless of whether you were at fault or not.

If you wish to add a second driver to your policy, selecting Yes will provide you with a Second Driver Details section where all the same personal driver details will be asked.

Contact Details

The second section of our comparison tools requires your contact details so that we can contact you about the car insurance quotes you might find using the Kwiksure website. It’s very simple; just need your Name, Email and Mobile Number to continue.

Kwiksure will never give your details out to a third party without your permission.

Kwiksure car insurance quote tool 2


Customizing your plan

The third page of the Kwiksure comparison tool provides you with an initial policy price for the insurance type you selected previously. If you selected both, you should see a premium price for both a third-party and comprehensive offer - although sometimes the information you have provided may require our expert brokers to contact you to deliver your car insurance quote.

If you find you the comparison tool has not provided you with a car insurance price (or you are redirected to a screen that says you will be contacted by a Kwiksure broker), don’t worry! We simply need one of our experts to investigate the best price for the coverage you’ve requested. You only need to wait for us to call you on the number you provided in the previous screen, or you can contact us directly on 3113 1331 (3113 2112 for Chinese language customers).

Once you’re happy with the optional extras and insurance details (described below), click the red Continue button to bring up an agreement screen, and click Agree to move on.

Kwiksure car insurance quote tool 3


Insurance Details and Excesses

Under the Insurance Details and Excesses heading are the various predetermined deductible or excesses that you, as a policyholder, must pay towards any claim you may have to make while covered. This can be different due to the age and inexperience of the driver, or if they are not named on the insurance policy itself. Pay attention to these figures as you’ll want to factor these figures into your comparison of insurance quotes.

Optional Extras: Auto Assistance Services

Be sure to read the summary to be sure if this added option would be beneficial to you. The price for the extras will be listed alongside a tick box that, if it is of interest to you, you can check it and the cost will be added to the total quote at the top of the page. If you’d like to know more, there’s a See the Full Plan Benefits button available that can give you more info.

Optional Extras: Personal Accident, Medical & Auto Assistance

Like the Auto Assistance Services extras, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers of coverage are available to you to add to your insurance quote. Silver is generally the cheapest option with Platinum being the most expensive. Again, the See the Full Plan Benefits button will show you the difference between the tiers; Silver plans have lower coverage limits than Gold and Platinum.

Finalizing your details

This last page of our comparison tool asks for a few more personal details in order for our brokers to prepare your quote, as well as a final chance to look over what details you have submitted already.

Your Approximate Start Date is when you require the car insurance coverage to commence. It might be a date in the future when you expect to possession of a new vehicle, or it may be when your current vehicle coverage ends. The Secure Location question needs to know if your vehicle will be parked in a place with a security gate and guards present.

Kwiksure car insurance quote tool 1


Main Driver Details

Here, we’ll need to know your Hong Kong ID number if you know it, your Gender and your Address for your policy documents. Also take this chance to ensure that your name, occupation and driving history details are still correct from the previous page.

Car Details

Lastly, we’ll need to know the following extra information about your vehicle:

  • Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) - Otherwise known as your number plate; enter “TBC” if you are unsure of your VRM at this stage.

  • Body Type

  • Number of Doors

  • Chassis Number - This will be available on your VRD

  • Engine Number

  • Cylinder Capacity - Otherwise known as your engine size, also on your VRD

  • Number of Seats - Not including the driver’s seat

Please also take this chance to ensure that all other pre-populated details from the previous page are correct.

At this stage, if you’re ready to continue you can click the Final Step button to complete your car insurance quote request. If you need extra time to consider your request, or are just not ready to take the final step yet, you can click the grey Save button in the bottom left of the page. This will allow us to hold your quote details for another time and will take you to one extra page that, once completed, will email your quote to your inbox.


Once you click the final step button, you’ll be taken to the Finish page! This confirms that your cover is being processed and provides you with a reference number in case you need to contact us directly. A Print Quotation button is provided if you would like to print the details of the coverage you have populated.

You will also notice a warning that says “Please note that your policy is NOT YET ACTIVATED”. This is simply to ensure you understand that just because you have finalised your car insurance quote request, it does not mean that you are covered by the car insurance quoted.

What happens next is that you will receive an email from us regarding your insurance information and a member of our Kwiksure Motor Insurance team will be in touch to explain payment options and how to successfully activate your insurance policy.

Remember, if you have any questions at all feel free to contact our team of expert advisors to get advice on the best way to seek out car insurance quotes, or to have them do the hard work for you. At Kwiksure, we pride ourselves on excellent service that lead to great customer outcomes.


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