Free Flow Tolling System or FFTS to be rolled out next year: how to pay with an auto toll tag in Hong Kong

明年中推不停車繳費系統 偵測擋風玻璃繳費貼

The SAR government announced on August 27th a Free Flow Tolling System (FFTS) in their Road Traffic (Toll Tags) Regulation. Expected to be rolled out halfway through 2022, drivers will only need to affix a vehicle-specific toll tag on their windshield to be able to pay the tunnel toll. Simply put, with this, non-stop toll payment is possible at government toll tunnels and the Tsing Sha Control Area. Read on for a quick rundown of how to pay with an auto toll tag in Hong Kong under the new FFTS in this Kwiksure article.

What is the Free Flow Tolling System? 

The Free Flow Tolling System or the FFTS detects through the RFID vehicle-specific toll tag sticker on your windshield when you're in a government toll tunnel or the Tsing Sha Control Area. As you pass through a toll point, you're no longer required to stop and pay fees. 

Instead, you'll receive a mobile app notification later with the following details: which tunnel(s) you've passed through and when, toll rate, and the payment method. 

What is an auto toll tag in Hong Kong? 

FFTS auto toll tags in Hong Kong come in two types: "vehicle tag" and "class tag". You're free to choose the one that is most suitable for you. 

Vehicle tag

This is only available to use for certain vehicles. The first vehicle tag you receive, if applicable, is free of charge. Take note that every vehicle only gets one suitable tag. As your car passes through a tunnel, the tunnel company will deduct toll charges directly from the bank account, credit card, or stored value facilities you registered your car under. 

Class tag

Only available to use for specific classes of vehicles, class tags don't carry any information about your vehicle.

The government plans to issue vehicle tags to car owners starting from mid-2022. In addition, class tags will be available for public procurement through designated channels. All car owners who have obtained a toll tag will be required to use them. 

Does the auto toll tag in Hong Kong go with the vehicle or the vehicle owner? 

A vehicle tag goes with the car, not the car owner. In other words, it's not linked to the car registration number nor the car owner. This is why there's no need to remove the toll tag even after transferral of ownership. Note that you'll have to pay HKD $51 for a new toll tag if you've lost or accidentally discarded your car's first vehicle tag. 

From November 1st, 2021, you can also apply for a vehicle tag when you register your vehicle, renew your license, or transfer the ownership of your car. The vehicle tag will record your email address or mobile phone number. 

As for class tags, they are entirely anonymous and aren't linked to any vehicles or persons. In other words, to secure one, you won't need to present any identity document. You can purchase them for HKD $38 each at designated selling channels and top-up at specific service points. 

Where can you use the auto toll tag in Hong Kong? 

You may take advantage of the FFTS whenever you're passing through government toll tunnels and the Tsing Sha Control Area. 

Government toll tunnels include the following: 

  • Cross-Harbour Tunnel
  • Eastern Harbour Crossing
  • Lion Rock Tunnel
  • Shing Mun Tunnels
  • Aberdeen Tunnel
  • Tate’s Cairn Tunnel
  • well as Western Harbour Crossing and Tai Lam Tunnel after the government takes over their respective ownership (i.e. August 2023 for the former and May 2025 for the latter)

This image shows the Free Flow Tolling System or the FFTS and how to pay with an auto toll tag in Hong Kong.

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