Covid-19 Coronavirus: Five ways to keep your car safe from germs and viruses


The novel coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) is still raging and has begun to spread across the world. Many companies in Hong Kong have implemented work-from-home policies to minimize the risk of large-scale outbreaks. But car owners, especially professional drivers, cannot completely avoid driving out. So what can they do besides daily cleaning to reduce the risk of getting infected?

During this critical period, our experts at Kwiksure bring to you five tips for epidemic prevention and disinfection in cars.

1. Wear a mask

First of all, if you are a professional driver, you will definitely need to wear a mask to protect yourself because you will be exposed to a large number of people on the street while working.

As for private cars, when you are carrying passengers, you and your passengers should both wear masks to reduce the risk of infection.

Of course, if you are only driving by yourself, theoretically you will not be infected in the car. But drivers should pay attention to where they go before and after driving. For example, you may have to take a lift, or be in a confined space with other people - remember to wear a mask at these times.

2. Open the window

There are many similarities between the novel coronavirus and influenza. They are both transmitted through droplets and body fluids, and can stay in tiny spaces such as inside a car. Moreover, many coronavirus patients do not exhibit any symptoms. That’s why drivers should keep the windows and sunroof open to allow air to circulate through the car.

Another method is to turn on the air conditioner as usual and rely on the filter in the air conditioner system.

However, according to some experiments, open windows are proven to be way more effective in reducing the number of viruses than air conditioner filters.

3. Disinfect your car regularly

Viruses spread through droplets and can survive on surfaces for up to a week, so daily cleaning is crucial.

Before cleaning your car, you should take precautions by wearing masks and gloves.

  • Sterilize daily areas that are often touched, such as car keys, door handles, driving wheel, seat belt buckles, and window buttons

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the trash and dust in the cracks and on the carpet

  • Clean stubborn stains that cannot be wiped out with disinfectant sprays for cars

  • Use fiber clothes and specialized detergents to wipe both sides of the windows

  • Clean the most touched areas with antiseptic wipes

  • Sterilize the outside of the car with washing sponges and specialized detergents

In addition to disinfectant sprays and detergents, you can also use 1:99 diluted bleach (mixing 10 ml bleach with 1 liter of water) to clean your car.

4. Put alcohol cleansers or antiseptic wipes in your car

Admittedly, most people simply don’t have the time to wash their cars every day. Drivers can place alcohol cleansers or alcohol wet wipes next to the driver seat and passenger seats in case of need.

5. Self car disinfection is better than commercial car washes

There are many auto washes on the market, which claim they can completely sterilize your car with services such as tout ozone disinfection, steam disinfection, ion disinfection, photocatalytic disinfection, and activated carbon disinfection. However, your car will still be contaminated if an infected person gets into the car after disinfection.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you sterilize most-touched surfaces in your car frequently to reduce the risk of viral exposure.

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