What to do in the event of a car accident in 8 steps - Infographic

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A car accident is already a stressful and unpleasant event, and while we hope one will never happen to you, we also want you to be prepared in case such a situation does happen. That’s why our team at Kwiksure has prepared a handy and short infographic that lists all the essential steps that should be taken in the event of a road accident. Knowing upfront what to do and what not to do in an accident can save you from unnecessary difficulties and mistakes that can result in the denial of a car insurance claim.

The essential steps to take during a car accident in Hong Kong explained in one place

The infographic page is divided into three parts. The first part highlights the necessary eighth steps to be taken in the event of a car accident in Hong Kong; the second part showcases how to behave in the case that you or someone else got hurt; and the third part gives you car insurance advice and explains in greater detail what's in the infographic itself.

Hong Kong car accident resources

We believe that our ‘What to do in the event of a car accident infographic’ is a great tool to explain to you how to proceed in an accident, and as such, we encourage you to take a look at it now. If opened on your mobile phone or downloaded, it’s a perfect size to view and adding this page to your favorites can save you a lot of time in an event you need to use this resource.  

From the infographic page you can also access other useful information related to motor insurance claims and car accidents, such as a more in depth guide about what to do during a car accident, a claims guidelines section, and another exciting addition - a Car Accident Checklist.

Downloadable and printable Car Accident Checklist

Visit our Hong Kong car accident resource page, where you’ll also find a downloadable and printable version of a Car Accident Checklist prepared by Kwiksure. Together with your insurance policy and car documents, we encourage you to keep the Car Accident Checklist in an easily accessible place in your car at all times, such as a glove compartment.

The Car Accident Checklist is a document that makes getting post-accident information easy. There is a space where you can write down driver and witness contact details. Such data is necessary for making a motor insurance claim, and for police reports.

The Car Accident Checklist, as the name suggests, is in the form of a list, which essentially summarizes the steps presented in our infographic. With this checklist you can tick all essential steps, as you go through the process of dealing with your motor collision in Hong Kong. This ensures you are doing things in the right order and manner.

The smart way to act in a car accident

It should be mentioned once again that, as a driver involved in a road collision in Hong Kong, you should NEVER admit fault to anyone, including the police. Do answer police questions thoroughly, and let the officers decide who is at fault.

Admitting that you are at fault right away, before the police have determined the cause of the accident, will most likely result in your claim being rejected by insurance providers.

The insurer will see that pledge as 'contractual liability’ or 'liability of the policyholder’ assumed under an agreement which would not normally have arisen. It is important to note that contractual liability will typically be excluded from coverage under a motor vehicle insurance policy.

More Hong Kong car insurance resources

Besides the infographic and Car Accident Checklist, you can also enter the Claims Guidelines section, which showcases all the important things to consider and steps to follow in order to successfully file a claim.

And while we know that written resources are useful, we also know that sometimes you may need detailed, specific advice. That’s why at Kwiksure, we have a dedicated claims department that will assist you step-by-step in the claims process, and advise you how to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Having strong relationships with insurers also helps our team to fast forward the claims process in your favor.

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