Cost of health checkups in Hong Kong


As Hong Kongers become increasingly health-conscious, a great many people will opt for an annual health checkup. The primary reason is to understand their health condition, as well as to prevent diseases. However, depending on the body part you are screening, there could be a big difference in price and options. Today at Kwiksure, our insurance experts will explain the importance of body checkups, and what you can expect to pay at private hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong.

Why is it necessary to get a body checkup?

Regular medical examinations can uncover any underlying conditions or early symptoms you may have. This drastically lowers your risk of getting a serious illness. For instance, patients with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are at a significantly higher risk of getting heart diseases. If you qualified as a high-risk patient, regular health checkups are a must. Despite your lack of control over some factors, such as your family health history or your age, maintaining a balanced diet and exercising daily absolutely helps in lowering your risk of disease.

Modifiable factors:

  • Weight
  • Physical activity levels
  • Sleep quality and stress management
  • Diet and alcohol consumption

Non-modifiable factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Family history

What does a health checkup include?

Depending on the risk factors mentioned, you might need different types of health screening. In Hong Kong, part of the health screening packages includes the following:

From 18 years old:

  • Skin cancer (both genders)
  • Obesity (both genders)
  • Cardiovascular disease (both genders)
  • Vision check (both genders)
  • Cervical cancer (women)
  • Ovarian cancer (women)

From 40 years old:

  • Nasopharyngeal cancer (both genders)
  • Type 2 diabetes (both genders)
  • Increased checks for cardiovascular disease (both genders)
  • Uterine cancer (women)
  • Breast cancer (women)

From 50 years old:

  • Colorectal cancers (both genders)
  • Lung cancer (both genders)

From 65 years old:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm (men)
  • Visual and hearing impairment (both genders)
  • Osteoporosis (women)

Cost of health checkups in Hong Kong’s private clinics and hospitals (Last updated in October 2020)

Private clinics:

  1. OT&P offers four different health packages. 
  • Standard: HKD $5,900
  • Comprehensive: HKD $9,900
  • Ultra: HKD $14,900
  • Ultra Follow Up: HKD $12,900
  1. Quality HealthCare encompasses a spectrum of checkups from cardiovascular health, sexual health, cancer screening, eye examination, and many more.
  1. Raffles Medical has checkup packages ranging from cancer screening and premarital assessment to sexual health and more. These are priced at HKD $2,180 to HKD $12,000.

Private hospitals:

1. Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital offers various health screening packages, including both men and women-specific assessment schemes. 

  • Health assessment schemes A: HKD $12,600
  • Health assessment schemes B: HKD $8,100
  • Women health checkup packages: HKD $3,010 to HKD $4,920

2. St. Teresa's Hospital

  • Women health checkup packages: HKD $1,650 to HKD $8,200
  • Men health checkup packages: HKD $1,650 to HKD $6,800

3. Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital provides standard or special health checkup packages for both men and women. They also offer cancer, premarital, and pre-pregnancy health checks. 

  • Women health checkup packages: HKD $2,580 to HKD $10,700
  • Men health checkup packages: HKD $2,300 to HKD $9,050
  • Standard plans: HKD $2,300

4. Union Hospital

Union Hospital provides health screening packages for both men and women, in tiers like Basic, Standard, Elite, Executive, and Supreme. It also offers assessments for drivers and domestic helpers. 

  • Women health checkup packages: HKD $890 to HKD $9,450
  • Men health checkup packages: HKD $890 to HKD $9,000

5. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Stubbs Road 

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital has packages like Advanced, Royal, Elite, and Ultimate. Expect to find checkups for 18-month-old babies, children, pre-employment, pre-marital, etc. 

  • Women health checkup packages: HKD $4,200 to HKD $17,460
  • Men health checkup packages: HKD $3,900 to HKD $16,360

Health checkups and health insurance 

Health checkups in Hong Kong are certainly not cheap. However, if you secure the right health insurance plan, you can avoid out-of-pocket payments. Look for comprehensive health insurance that provides outpatient benefits. Usually, it should partially or entirely cover the cost of your health checkup fees. 

More practical insurance tips 

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