Kwiksure: Announcing our latest home insurance infographic

Announcing our latest home insurance infographic

Kwiksure is delighted to announce the release of our latest home insurance infographic, a pragmatic overview of three key types of home insurance policy features, as well as other major home insurance benefits. It also comes as a timely explanation of the importance of home insurance since people are becoming more aware of potential damages and losses caused by unforeseen accidents/hazards amid the ongoing political and social unrest in Hong Kong.

What does home insurance cover?

Three types of home insurance policy coverage features

  1. Building coverage

Generally speaking, home insurance policies refer to buildings insurance and are set to protect your house as construction. They will pay to repair or rebuild the physical parts of your building/home in the event of an insured loss, namely natural disasters such as typhoons, fire, and windstorms, and man-made disasters such as riots, explosions, and broken water pipes. This kind of insurance is often required by banks if you have a mortgage.

  1. Contents insurance

Contents insurance is designed to offer protection for valuable items and belongings at your home, such as furniture, appliances, clothes, jewelry, and watches.

  1. Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers you when someone gets hurt or dies, or his property is damaged in your home due to your negligence. The scope of coverage for this benefit usually includes legal expenses, bodily injury, property damage, and medical bills. 

What other items can be covered under home insurance?

Home insurance is usually very flexible and allows the policyholders to select the preferred benefits according to their budget and needs. These extra insurance items can include owner, tenant, occupier and personal liability coverage as well as fung shui consultation, key and lock replacement after a break-in, temporary housing coverage, and loss or accidental damage to wine and computers.

For a more comprehensive list of home insurance benefits, you can refer to our home insurance page for more details.

Learn more about home insurance

While our infographic focuses on the basic components of a home insurance policy, there are in fact more facets to home insurance. For instance, whether it covers damage after a typhoon, whether it covers an accidental fire, and common misconceptions of home insurance in Hong Kong. Our weekly updated blog articles revolve around different kinds of insurance that we offer, including motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, maid insurance and more, and will surely educate you on the subjects.

Since there are a plethora of insurance products on the market, it is advisable that you do some window shopping and compare the prices to select the insurance plan that best matches your budget and covers most of your risks.

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