How using a car insurance calculator can help you save money

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Online car quote tools, or car insurance calculators are of utmost value to those who are looking for car insurance in Hong Kong. Not only will such tools allow…

What type of life insurance is the right choice for you?

Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance’s primary purpose is to protect your loved ones financially if you were to die during the policy term. According to

What exactly is third party motor insurance?

What exactly is third party motor insurance?

Every car owner in Hong Kong, and in the world in that matter, must have third party motor insurance, or third party liability insurance. This type of…

What should new drivers consider when securing car insurance in Hong Kong?

Be it manual gear or automatic, learning how to drive is never easy. However, it is indeed one of the most rewarding things a young person can do since driving can really provide people with a newfound sense of freedom, responsibility, and maturity in modern society. After all, drivers…

Does car insurance cover typhoon damage?

Super Typhoon Mangkhut, which is widely believed to be the strongest storm in the world in 2018, hit Hong Kong last Sunday. The Observatory had issued warnings to the public one week prior to the storm, and the government had held multiple inter-departmental meetings to brace…

Gear Head Gatherings: Hong Kong’s top annual automotive events

 Hong Kong automotive events article

People in Hong Kong love their hobbies. After all, space is limited in the city, and rather than go stir crazy in our homes, it’s important that we distract ourselves with whatever it is…

Parking collisions in Hong Kong: when will car insurance cover the damage?

Parking collisions in Hong Kong: when will car insurance cover the damage?   Parking your car outside of your garage or driveway, (assuming you even have one in our tiny Hong Kong), can expose your vehicle to many types of damages. Whether your car insurance  will cover damage to a parked…</img></p></p>
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Top 5 companies most likely to get driverless cars on the road

Not long ago, driverless cars were still a futuristic technology that were the stuff of science fiction movies. However now, giant tech companies, traditional auto manufacturers, and innovative start-ups are investing heavily and deploying test cars on the roads in different cities around the world.…

Practical reasons for excluding drivers from your car insurance

Excluding drivers from your car insurance

When purchasing a motor insurance plan, you can name other drivers on the policy that will use the insured car. These so-called “named drivers” are people…

Introducing ‘pay as you drive’ insurance

Thanks to technology advancements like blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), and big data, insurtech is now reshaping the landscape of the insurance industry. One…

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