What exactly is third party motor insurance?

What exactly is third party motor insurance?

Every car owner in Hong Kong, and in the world in that matter, must have third party motor insurance, or third party liability insurance. This type of motor…

Are there new speeding rules in Hong Kong?

Speeding traffic

Hong Kong is an interesting city when it comes to driving. For the most part, the many roads, highways, and byways are largely congested and urban meaning speeds are kept fairly consistent. That said, it is not uncommon to see people putting the pedal to the…

Top 4 Halloween insurance claims-filing tips

 Top 4 萬聖節保險索償貼士

Halloween is this coming Saturday! Unable to travel in this COVID-19 pandemic? You can still celebrate this holiday at home. Before you start dressing up and asking for candies from your neighbours, do you know that insurance companies receive…

Important facts about the No Claims Discount (NCD) in Hong Kong

important facts about the No Claims Discount (NCD) in Hong Kong

Here at Kwiksure, we receive inquiries about the No…

3 major reasons health insurance premiums increase every year


Countless people are rightfully concerned about the neverending climb of the health insurance premium rate. How come it increases year-on-year? Are insurers just hell-bent on making more profit? What if somewhere in every health insurance policy hides…

Consumer Council's guide to choosing the right dashcam in 2020

【車 cam 點揀好】消委會車 cam 評測報告 2020

Recently, a conversation between a taxi driver and his extremely difficult customer became a hot topic in Hong Kong when it was caught on camera. To drivers, besides car insurance, a

VHIS vs. medical insurance: a guide

Kwiksure's guide to comparing VHIS and medical insurance.

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the right medical insurance in Hong Kong? You’ve come to the right place. In this quick guide, we’ll be comparing the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) with regular health insurance. 

In April 2019,…

If your company already offers a health insurance plan, do you still need to buy VHIS?

VHIS company plan

Most office workers in Hong Kong enjoy their company-provided medical insurance. However, ever since the government started offering the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS), more and more people have become interested in buying a…

Top 4 reasons you should buy health insurance

【2020 年自願醫保懶人包3】點解要買醫療保險?

According to Zurich Insurance’s 2019 survey, more than 27% of survey respondents did not purchase health insurance. Within this group, almost 40% lists “don’t have time” as their main reason for not buying insurance.…

5 Tips for inspecting secondhand cars on your own


Buying a secondhand car in Hong Kong? Aside from relying on your dealer for a vehicle examination, it’s important to take a look at it yourself first. This is especially the case if…