Best car insurance articles of 2017: Our top picks

best car insurance article

With only a few days left of 2017, our team at Kwiksure have rounded up five of the best car insurance articles from our blog in 2017 to consolidate the most important things our readers should know about car insurance in HK:

What info do I need for a car insurance quote?

a man in front of a laptop writes out a list of things he needs to know about getting a car insurance quote

It’s Christmas time, and some of you may be treating yourself to a new vehicle this month. With a new car purchase, you’ll want to revisit your coverage…

Protecting your holiday season: What insurances do you need?

Holiday Insurance in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, December means the beginning of sweater weather. And when the heavier clothing becomes a necessity, most people in the city start looking for airfare deals so that they can get back to the sunny beaches…

Hong Kong’s new bridge: what might this mean for your car insurance coverage?

hong kong's new bridge to Zhuhau and Macau under construction

The new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is expected to be completed this month. Set to be the world’s longest sea bridge, it links Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau via 55km of raised road and undersea tunnels. What would previously had…

Understanding the risks of cheap car insurance in Hong Kong

red toy car sits behind a wallet full of cash on a white table, symbolizing people's thoughts on cheap car insurance

Owning and driving a car in Hong Kong is an expensive decision. According to a 2013 survey, Hong Kong ranked among the top three in terms of the average cost of a…

Nearly 80% of households do not have home insurance in HK

Home insurance HK article

Most homeowners in Hong Kong would agree that their home is one of their most valuable assets. The majority of households in the SAR, however, do not have home insurance. In fact, nearly

Commercial vehicle insurance in Hong Kong: What you need to know

Commercial Vehicle Insurance blog

Perhaps you own a fleet of tour buses. Or maybe you run a moving and storage company. In whatever way your business intends to use your vehicle(s), one thing remains clear: you will need commercial vehicle insurance.

The process of finding and securing this specific…

My vehicle was stolen and in an accident - Will my car insurance pay out?

Car insurance theft article

Two weeks ago, a man was arrested for stealing a pink Toyota iQ…

Volvo unveils new Polestar 1 electric vehicle under Car as a Service model

the new polestar 1 with the new car as a service model

When people think of electric cars, Volvo may not be the first brand to come to mind. Indeed, the auto market in Hong Kong was completely taken by both the model S and X from Tesla until the Hong Kong government

7 top tips for reducing your car insurance costs in 2018

Reducing car insurance costs blog

“How can I save money on car insurance?” is probably one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to renewing or buying a new car insurance policy. Everyone wants to save money - but when it comes to securing car insurance coverage, its jargon…

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