Kwiksure is named winner of the "Editor's Choice Best Motor Insurance Broker Award" 2020

Kwiksure wins Editor's Choice Best Motor Insurance Broker Award 2020

We are pleased to announce that Kwiksure received the "Editor's Choice Best Motor Insurance Broker 2020" award in Car1's Best Corporations…

Car ownership: what you need to know about purchasing a vehicle in Hong Kong

Car ownership: what you need to know about purchasing a vehicle in Hong Kong

Looking at car ownership in Hong Kong is as simple as it is elsewhere, even with the government discouraging people from buying cars.

A guide to registering and licensing vehicles in Hong Kong

INFOGRAPHIC: A guide to registering and licensing vehicles in Hong Kong

So you’ve just got a drivers’ license in Hong Kong and bought a new car. You are more…

[Saving Tips for Car Owners] 2021 Guide to running a car in Hong Kong


In Hong Kong, despite the great convenience public transport has brought to our lives, owning a car as an alternative means of transportation is notwithstanding an irreplaceable experience when it comes to superiority, comfort and convenience.…

Does home insurance cover renovation costs?


As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has done a number on the tourism industry. Just to stay in business, numerous hotels offer discounts or introduce a monthly accommodation plan. Some families even take this opportunity to renovate their…

Renting a car for a self-driving tour in Hong Kong: requirements, process, fees, and precautions

 香港租車2021: 本地租車自駕遊條件、流程、費用及注意事項

The novel coronavirus puts a stop to nearly everybody's travel plans. Many opt to visit local sightseeing spots instead for a taste of vacation. For this reason, renting a car for a local self-driving tour is becoming increasingly…

Does car insurance cover windshield reparation fees?


The windshield or windscreen is one of the most commonly replaced car parts, especially if you drive on roads frequented by dump trucks. With the billowing dust and heated up tires in the summer, it's easy for pebbles to stick to your wheels. What's worse,…

These top 6 car insurance exclusion clauses offer no compensation


Running a car in Hong Kong can be costly. It's expensive enough to buy a car on its own. Afterwards, you still have to pay for at least third-party car insurance as…

There's more to car insurance than comprehensive and third-party car insurance


As one of the top car insurance brokers in Hong Kong, Kwiksure always works to simplify different types of car insurance and coverage. Today, we'll give you a short 5-minute rundown of your insurance options as a car owner.


7 tips for traveling during a pandemic in 2021


As the COVID-19 vaccines come out one after the other, numerous countries are expected to lift their flight restrictions. Soon, international round trips will resume. With the days of flying close enough to taste, what should…