A guide to driving in Japan

a guide to driving in japan

Driving in a foreign country is a new experience as a whole. Beautiful scenery, different driving etiquettes, and unique cars are among the points that make driving elsewhere exciting. You also get to soak in the culture of the location, learn how people behave…

Step-by-Step Guide for Applying for an International Driving License in Hong Kong

International Driving Permit

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is a legal documentation that goes hand in hand with your Hong Kong driver’s license for driving in a foreign country. If you already have a Hong Kong driving license, then you are eligible to apply for an IDP…

Kwiksure wins two top motor insurance awards

Kwiksure wins two top motor insurance awards

We are thrilled to announce that our team has been recognized with two major awards in the motor insurance industry: Most Reliable Motor Insurance Services of the Year Award in the Leaders…

INFOGRAPHIC: A Guide to Buying a Car in Hong Kong, New vs Used.

buying new vs used cars in hong kong

So you have decided to buy a new car, but have a lot of questions due to the dilemma of buying a new car vs an old car. Which one is more affordable?…

Tesla’s new insurance business

Tesla to open its own car insurance

Update: On 28 August, Tesla officially launched its own insurance program, starting with owners in California, and claimed that the rate is “up to 20% to 30% cheaper” than its competitors.


Tesla Car Fire in Hong Kong: Does My Car Insurance Cover Motor Fire?

Car on fire

Tesla Inc, as we know it to be, is gracefully showing the world that its dream of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy is actually more realistic than ever. Embracing cutting edge battery technology but also investing…

First-time driver car insurance

first-time drivers motor insurance in hong kong

Drivers who are just buying their first car must reckon with the fact that the purchase of a motor insurance policy will be associated with a relatively high expense…

What you should know about self-driving to Guangdong Province

What you should know about self-driving to Guangdong Province

Back in 2012, the Chinese and Hong Kong governments have launched the “Ad Hoc Quota Trial Scheme for Cross Boundary Private Car” to allow Hong…

Top 10 weirdest home insurance claims in 2018

Top 10 weirdest home insurance claims in 2018

Imagine returning home after a long honeymoon trip with your significant other, only to find out that the entire apartment is wrecked and flooded due to a burst water pipe.…

Home and fire insurance & additional living expense cover

home insurance and fire insurance

Have you ever heard stories of people suddenly becoming homeless after a disaster that struck their home? It might have happened due to fire

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