Tesla Model Y prices in Hong Kong, One-for-One Replacement Scheme, specifications, and arrival date

This image shows the Tesla Model Y which is now available in Hong Kong.

The much anticipated Tesla Model Y versatile SUV just arrived in Hong Kong on August 2nd, 2021. This electric vehicle will have three…

Get to know the insurance premium levy required by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority

This image shows a jar laying sideways with coins spilling out of it for the IA insurance premium levy article.

Ever since 2018, the Hong…

Emigrating to Australia: Buying car insurance and exchanging your driving license

This image shows the skyline of Australia, which you will be able to see once you exchange your Hong Kong driving…</img></p></p>
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Emigrating to Taiwan: Buying car insurance, getting or exchanging your driving license

This image shows the Taipei skyline and the sunset.

Few cities attract Hong Kong emigrants quite like Taiwan. In this series of Kwiksure articles featuring four hottest emigration destinations…

Emigrating to Canada: Buying car insurance and exchanging your foreign driving license

This image shows a Canadian flag with a Canadian city in the background.

Canada has always been one of the hottest emigration destinations for Hongkongers. Among Canadian cities, Vancouver and Toronto…

Emigrating to the UK: Buying car insurance and exchanging your foreign driving license

This image shows the Big Ben in the UK and the roads before it.

While the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the UK pushes out the BNO (British National Overseas)…

The differences between car wax, coating, and self-healing paint protection film


All vehicles - whether it's firsthand or secondhand - need regular maintenance to be in the best condition. Otherwise, roadside debris and grease will easily cling to your car and deteriorate it. Thus, to keep paint jobs shiny, countless…

How to keep your home safe from burglary in 2021

Home insurance Hong Kong

These days, the public security situation in Hong Kong is a little worrying. There has been an increase in the cases of home break-ins and burglaries. In early March, a woman living alone at Heng…

How does insurance compensation work in a multiple-vehicle collision?


Last week, there was a multiple-vehicle crash involving six cars heading towards Kowloon on Tolo Highway. The pile-up of cars involved was about 5 kilometres long! Today at Kwiksure, our experts will…

Automatic vs. manual driving for motorcycles: pros and cons


Countless aspiring motorcyclists are confused about whether it’s better to drive on an automatic or manual transmission. To help you make the right decision, today at Kwiksure, our experts…